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Mantic: Free Rules and a Price Adjustment

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May 26 2020

Get your game on with free rules – including some solo games – for Kings of War, Vanguard, Walking Dead, and Dungeon Saga. Plus a price adjustment you’ll like.

via Mantic:

Mantic is a small business, trying its best to navigate these difficult times. We have seen increased charges from our shipping companies, and some of our suppliers. All the while, Mantic has faced a large reduction in offline sales because your local gaming stores are closed. Although it is great to see some reopening (and we have plans to help them, when the team is back in June) we miss those important restocks to the FLGS. 

Meanwhile our website has remained open and the warehouse has continued shipping (with strict social distancing measures in place). Most of the items on the website haven’t moved in price for years, but sometimes you just have to act. While we are keen to ensure that people are able to stay inside safely, and spend their time and efforts doing interesting and engaging activities – there are some harsh realities in these challenging times – and Mantic still has bills to pay.

So the price of every product has to change – so as a big thank you to everyone that will or has supported Mantic during the outbreak, you can currently SAVE 15% on all Mantic products on the site! That’s right, we’re adjusting prices down!


Check the webstore to see what’s available!

Once you’ve picked your new army, warband, or team, make the most of the price changes by downloading free rules for some of Mantic’s most popular games…

Kings of War
Want to learn how to play the world’s best mass fantasy battle game? The free Kings of War: Third Edition rules give you the basics to learn the rules and start battling. Plus, combined with EasyArmy, you can try out a number of different factions before moving onto the full rules.

As always, the core rules for Vanguard are free to download from the website. But we’ve also updated the free warbands document to include ALL the available warband cards, including the recently released Abyssal Dwarfs.


Walking Dead All Out War
Need to test how you’ll survive in the inevitable Walker apocalypse but can’t get to your local gaming club? The excellent No-one Stands Alone expansion gives you solo play rules for playing All Out War against AI-controlled rivals. It’s a totally new way to play and perfect for lockdown life.

Dungeon Saga
There’s plenty more solo play action in Dungeon Saga: Rise of the Shadow King. In this digital adventure game book YOU are the hero! Choose your actions and see if you can survive against the mysterious Shadow King. We recently added a bonus, downloadable mission to the website too. In this extra adventure for Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest, the Heroes must restore the decaying Arcane Pillars before their power is extinguished, but an evil dwells in the shadows of their dying light.

Star Saga Project Pandora: Grim Cargo
From dungeons to space now, with Project Pandora: Grim Cargo. We’ve uploaded an entirely new adventure for Star Saga. This takes the original Project Pandora rules and updates them for use in Star Saga. You can’t play solo but it’s a great two-player versus game.

Deadzone: Nexus PSI Expansion
While we’re (sort of) on the subject of Deadzones, make sure you check out the Nexus Psi expansion for our sci-fi skirmish game. Nexus Psi offers solo play rules against hordes of Plague zombies and a special campaign designed for playing on your own. Perfect if you’re social distancing.


If you fancy something a bit bigger, then the complete digital version of the Warpath rulebook is the thing for you. Fight epic battles on a massive scale. Get yourself a new army project by reading about the different forces fighting for supremacy in the GCPS.

Recreate one of the most infamous matches in DreadBall history. This downloadable match report tells the notorious clash between the All-Stars and Tree Sharks. Can you do better than the original coaches? Download now and find out.

Author: Mars Garrett
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