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Review: Living Dead Warriors from Fireforge Games

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May 1 2020

Quite a while back, Fireforge Games sent me a number of 28mm miniatures to check out. Among them, was a boxed set of their Living Dead Warriors for Forgotten World. In this post, I take a look at those models.

So, what is in this box? How do these models build? How do they compare to other figures? Join me in this Living Dead Warriors Review to find out.

Special thanks goes to Fireforge Games for sending along these minis for me to review. 

Above I built half the box as warriors with hand-weapons. Image from Must Contain Minis.

And I built the second half as spear warriors. Image from Must Contain Minis.

The miniatures come with both square and round bases. I chose to place them on rounds because I like rounds best for my miniature agnostic games. Forgotten World by Fireforge Games has rules for both. They use the rounds for the Skirmish style of their game and squares for the rank and file. They encourage you to collect and use both styles of bases with their figures.

The Sprues

Each box comes with enough plastic parts to make 12 miniatures with multiple options. You can see above that the hand weapons come in a variety of options and not just straight up swords.

So, what comes in the box? Two frames of body sprues, two sprues of heads, and bases in both round and square styles. Below is a picture of one of the plastic figure frames from the box.

A look at the front of the miniatures’ sprue. Image from Must Contain Minis.

Overall, there are a lot of options here. Below are all of the bits that I had leftover for my bitzbox.

Above is what I had left from the sprues after building my 12 miniatures. If you want, you can make all twelve miniatures holding on to their spears with two hands. You can also choose to build all of your minis as carrying either a spear or hand weapon in one hand and a shield in the other. Basically, you can arm all of your 12 miniatures in the same way if you wish. Image from Must Contain Minis.

Now, I will mention that I am really not a fan of how the two-handed spears go together. If you look at the four spears at the top, you can see the spears with the molded hands and the separate arms to left. Not the worse thing and other companies do the same. I just find them harder to build than the other options.

The Hand Weapon Group

These are the Warriors that I armed with hand weapons and shields.


A look at the hand weapon armed Undead Warriors. Now let’s take a closer look at a few of them. Image from Must Contain Minis.

Okay, I didn’t give this guy a shield. He is too busy carrying his head. Image from Must Contain Minis.

I love the expression on this one’s face! Image from Must Contain Minis.

As far as I am concerned, this is the group’s leader or champion. He looks great. Image from Must Contain Minis.

The Spear Armed Group

A look again at the spear armed warriors. Image from Must Contain Minis.

Here is a model I really like! The bannerman of the group. Perhaps he is their champion too! Image from Must Contain Minis.

A warrior armed with a two-handed spear. Image from Must Contain Minis.

Another great looking mini. These spear-men all turned out really well! Image from Must Contain Minis.

Overall, a great set of miniatures and I am excited to put some paint on them.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully, you found this Living Dead Warriors review informative. The aim of my reviews is to let you know what you are getting. I do not give ratings. Instead, I offer my thoughts on the product, lots of images of what the product is. I figure you can decide for yourself what you think of the miniatures.

Overall, I really like these miniatures. They look cool and scale nicely to other parts in my collection. If you need scale comparison images, I have some over in my fuller review on my personal site. I really like that the models have a sturdy feel in their appearance and that they go together pretty well. I am not a fan of the two-handed spears, but that is just my personal taste. Others will agree or disagree with my preference.

Special thanks goes out again to Fireforge Games for sending me this product to review.

Thanks again for reading, and until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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For those wondering, I used a Cigar Box Battle Mat for the background with the miniatures and that is a Modular Workstation on my desk by HobbyZone.

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