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Warhammer 40K: Assault Intercessor

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May 23

It’s about time! The Primaris are getting a close combat unit in the form of Assault Intercessors!

Chainswords are back, baby! The Intercessors are getting an Assault upgrade and they are bringing the pain to the enemies of the Emperor up-close and personal.

All codex chapters will get access. (Blood Angels, Black Templars, Space Wolves, all mentioned.) – no confirmation about Grey Knights however. We’ll have to wait to hear about that at a later date…

But for now, enjoy the possibilities of the Assault Intercessors.



A new captain with a skeleton on his shield – that’s going to be a thing. Just wait! Stay tuned and we’ll have even more. GET HYPE for Close Combat!


Assault Intercessors – putting a new spin on the classic Sword-and-Board!

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