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Warhammer 40K: Engine War Chaos Knight Rules Preview

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May 27 2020

Psychic Awakening: Engine War isn’t just unleashing the Ad Mech – Chaos Knights are getting some attention as well.

The Adeptus Mechanicus might be getting the biggest boost in model count with the release of Engine War, but Chaos Knights are also featured in the book. We’re finally getting some details about what they are getting in the next chapter of Psychic Awakening. Get ready for these machines to do some serious damage.

via Warhammer Community

More Chaos Knight Houses

If your force is from an Iconoclast household, you can now declare your army to be part of House Lucaris, House Herpetrax or House Khymere. Alternatively, if your allegiance is to an Infernal household, you can join House Vertrix or House Khomentis. Each house has its own Household Bond, Warlord Trait, Artefact of Tyranny and Stratagem.

These houses come with new Warlord Traits like the these two:

Strike First, Strike Often is a nice way to get your Warlord to hit first in the Fight Phase. I also appreciate the wording explaining that if both players have units with a similar ability, it defaults to the player whose turn it currently is.

That’s not all, we’re also getting a look at more relics for these Knight houses, too.


And naturally, it’s not JUST these new houses that are getting some love – if you want to go off-script and make your own household, there are options for you as well. These Dread Households will have a pool of abilities that you’ll be able to choose two from and form your own house like these:


More Stratagems

Naturally, Chaos Knights will also have some more Stratagems to work with as well. Here’s a look at two of the new ones coming your way soon enough:

Watch out for those Encircling Hounds – it’s nice to see the little Knights get some attention in this book also.


Chaos Knight Houses are getting a few more tricks up their metal sleeves in Engine War – Are you ready?

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