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Warhammer 40K: New Edition Rules Changes Ahead

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May 23 2020
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The next edition of Warhammer 40,000 is coming soon and Games Workshop has some hints at what’s to come.

First off – your current codex is still going to be valid! That’s big. As well as the rules are written in Psychic Awakening. But here’s some other good news:

#1 – Play Testing. Lots of Play Testing

Games Workshop has listened. They have taken in the feedback and have taken playtesting seriously. Hopefully, this next edition will be smooth and polished like we’re all hoping for!

#2 Crusade

“The most immersive system for Narrative Play EVER.” Battle Honours, experience, and new rules for your army can be earned by this new linked-game play style. It’s a campaign mode. It’s a narrative mode. It’s so much more!

#3 – Command Points Changes

I hope you’re ready for more Command Points! During the discussion, GW got into how CP were forcing people to build their armies in specific ways, well, that’s all changing! Not only will you get more, but how you spend them and on what will be tweaked. Expect some big changes on this front. A “less soup and more Super Soldiers” approach.


#4 Tanks Are BACK

Ever get annoyed that your tanks would get bogged down by a tidal wave of chaff? Well, that’s all about to change. Tanks will be able to shoot in combat – great ready to blast your enemies at point-blank ranges like never before!

#5 Terrain Changes Ahead

Terrain has been reworked to become more important in your games. “Want to defend a building getting bonuses while you do?” Yep. That’s coming in the game. The system has been rebuilt from the ground up – this should go hand-in-hand with making Close Combat a *tad* more viable now, too.

#6 Warhammer 40,000 at Every Size of Game


If you want to play small, lunch break combat patrols all the way up to massive games with your full collection – 40k is going to support it all. We have questions about this one, particularly with Kill Team and Apocalypse…but we’re hopeful.

#7 Strategic Reserves Have Changed

We’re not super clear on how this will work yet but GW has alluded to being able to attack from multiple angles. We’ll see how this plays out with reserves.

#8 Blast Weapons Are Returning

“Explosive weapons deal MAXIMUM hits to hordes as they swarm across the battlefield” which means lots of damage from your big guns. This is another area that we’re VERY curious about. We’re sure there will be a section that outlines all the Explosive Weapons in the game but GW mentioned some on the stream. Battle Cannons, Frag Missiles, etc. “Things you would expect” in other words.

#9 Flyers Gain Some Freedom

Flyers are getting some rules tweaks as well. Things like not being able to fit under their bases or going off the tabletop will change for Flyers. We’re looking forward to seeing these changes ahead.


You’ve probably got questions. We all do. So check the New Edition Q&A PDF down below:

New Edition Q&A PDF Available

We’re sure there is more to go over but this is some BIG news. Get ready for more 40k news and changes coming soon!


What changes are you most looking forward to?

Author: Adam Harrison
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