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Age of Sigmar: Lumineth Realm-Lords Army Box

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Jun 15

The Lumineth Realm-lords are getting a new Army Set Box – It’s going to be a limited run and players really only need to get one each.

If you remember back in November when the Sisters of Battle got their new army boxed set for 40k, it was a limited run set that was really designed for players to get some of the new models and a crack at their new codex. Well, the new Lumineth Realm-lords are getting the same treatment. Today, GW is showing off exactly what’s inside the box and it players really only need to score a single copy.

via Warhammer Community

While all the models are 100% new – let’s look at them from a numbers perspective:

1 x Light of Eltharion

5 x Vanari Dawnriders

10 x Vanari Auralan Wardens

That’s the makings of a small skirmish force for sure. You’ve got a leader and two battleline units. But the leader is probably going to be a unique character and while the two other units are the full, customizable kits (and not push-fit plastics) you have to ask yourself is this going to be worth getting multiple copies? Because the extras are things you really only need one of – except for the dice.


The Extras

Also included in the box is the new Battletome – and this one IS a fancier special edition version, too. It’s aimed at collectors and early adopters for sure:

This book being included in the box is a sign that players really don’t need to buy more than a single copy. Sure, you could probably sell off the extra model and core book – but is that going to be worth the cost and hassle? We’ll have to wait to see the final price of this boxed set. Oh and there are more extras, too. Things you probably don’t need more than one set of as well:

The dice and mini-range tool are handy – but do you really need another set of cards?


Same with the tokens. You *might* need extras, but then again, you might not.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy a copy of this boxed set – if you want to play the Lumineth Realm-lords you absolutely should buy a copy! I’m saying you don’t need to by yourself two or three copies of this boxed set just so you can have enough models to actually play a larger point game. It’s going to be a great deal but, for what you’re getting model wise, you’re probably going to be better off just waiting to expand your army once everything else comes out.

Buy yourself A box. It’s a limited run. Don’t be a hoarder.

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