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D&D: Nine Rings For Mortal Men, Doomed To Die

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Jun 23 2020

The elves only got three, and the dwarves got seven–but for humans? These nine different magic rings might just help keep them alive… for a price.

Didn’t mean for the intro to sound so sinister. These magic rings are expensive, is all. But when it comes to magic rings, they sure do love to help keep you alive even if you should be dead. Which seems to be appropriate for humans, who seem to have a knack for getting themselves into the worst trouble and then doubling down until they maybe fall so far they come out on the other side. With that in mind, here are nine rings, guaranteed safe for mortal men. Just don’t ask about the Palantire that comes with every one. Join us as we walk back through the best D&D supplement ever compiled:

The Encyclopedia Magica. These books are full of some of the most unique and characterful magical items you’ll find this side of a D&D book. Definitely well worth checking out if you can grab yourself a set. In the meantime, let’s get to the cool rings.

Ring of the Necromancer

I wouldn’t question the inclusion of this one too much if I were you. Especially since it’s such a good ring–once per week it becomes a sphere of protection that keeps the undead away, it can also allow you to control undead, animate dead, and once per month you can summon any one undead creature (except a lich)–all things to keep you safe and alive. Ultimately.

Ring of the Phoenix

Okay maybe that one is a little too dramatic for you. Well how about the Ring of the Phoenix which simply protects you from death the good old fashioned way by protecting you if you die from natural or magical fire–when you’re immolated, you’re reborn as a cool human phoenix, which means you’ll become neutral good, gain permanent fire resistance, the ability to cast spells like Affect Normal Fires and Fireball, as well as being reborn in a fiery inferno.

Ring of Rapid Regeneration


Don’t want to risk your short, mayfly-esque life on being magically immolated, eh? How about this one, then? It regenerates one hit point each round and will quickly have you back to full health from whatever injury you suffer.

Ring of Reversion

If you really wanna keep yourself safe from every kind of injury though, and with your fragile human life, who wouldn’t, you ought to consider using the Ring of Reversion, which can restore a dispossessed soul to its original body. Got possessed by a ghost? No worries mate, just swap yourself back into your own body. Are shapechanged or polymorphed? This ring will put you back right. You just have to catch yourself before being killed–which by now you should be easily able to do.

Ring of Safety

Really hitting the nail on the head here. Okay look, if you want, you can “change fate” by having 1d4 saves that you fail turn out to have been successes all along. Just save them for when you need them.

Ring of Immunity

If you’re worried about being brought low by something as trivial as disease or some other infection–say you’re worried that a minor wound caught in a duel with a rival might become a festering rot-laden injury that ultimately leads to your death, or you’re very scared of mummies (and their magical disease), the Ring of Immunity will protect you and you’ll always regain maximum hit points from a rest.


Ring of Human Influence

Mortal men might be doomed to die, but, if you’re going to be one, you may as well be a very good one, with your Charisma magically raised to 18 and the ability to make a suggestion to any human, you can be sure that your frail little life will be spent adored.

Ring of Elemental Metamorphosis

Escape the doom of humanity by ceasing to be human. This ring will transform you into an elemental. Sure you’ll have to get used to being made of fire, water, earth, air, or like, potassium, but for 1d4+1 turns, you’ll be free of blood and mortality.

Ring of Anything

If you, like most mortals, can’t decide what you need, then why not go with the ring of Anything. It starts off as a ring of warmth, but it can change to be whatever you need it to be–up to three different times. Need any of the rings on this list in a pinch? Just call on the magic in your trusty ring of anything!

And there you have it, nine rings that are sure to help protect the lives of any mortal, doomed to die.

Happy Adventuring!


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