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D&D: The Top Five Artifacts In Theros

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Jun 8 2020

The Mythic Odysseys of Theros have a ton of new magic items, mythic boons, and more, but the most exciting are the weapons of the gods. Take a look!

Most D&D books don’t contain artifacts, and it’s easy to understand why. These are powerful, campaign changing weapons that often take the central stage because of how powerful they are, or because you have to gouge out your eye to equip one. Not so in Theros. There, artifacts are weapons of the gods, and you better believe they’re something you can aspire to and achieve. I love that Theros “don’t mess around, be great” attitude, and here are five of our favorite artifacts in Theros, which is to say all of the new ones.

Akmon, Hammer of Purphoros

This is the hammer of Purphoros, the smith of the gods. Purphoros’ hammer is a +3 warhammer that deals 3d10 extra fire damage on attacks and, more importantly grants increased benefits depending on how pious towards Purphoros you are. At Piety 10+ you gain one random minor beneficial property. At piety 25+ you gain a random major beneficial property. At Piety 50+ you gain yet another beneficial property.

Additionally, while holding the hammer you are resistant to fire damage and immune to exhaustion, have proficiency with smith’s tools, and advantage when using them. You can also cast a number of spells, including animate objects, heat metal, and fabricate.

Dekella, Bident of Thassa

Dekella is the bident of the sea! It functions as a +3 trident, so how’s that for ludonarrative dissonance, and it deals 2d10 extra cold damage. At Piety 10+ you gain a 60 ft. swim speed, at 25 and 50, like Akmon before it, you get extra beneficial properties.

Beyond that, you can also command the waves and its creatures, take an action to change the condition of the sea within 1 mile of you, creating or dispelling storms as you see fit. You can also cast dominate monster on anyone that has an innate swimming speed, or true polymorph something into a creature with an innate swimming speed.

Ephixis, Bow of Nylea


This artifact is actually two, because it’s a shortbow and a quiver with four arrows, each tied to one of the four seasons. It’s a +3 shortbow and you don’t take penalties for firing at long range, and can get a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20. Like Akmos, you gain beneficial artifact properties as your piety levels up. Each of the four arrows has its own special properties: Spring lets you cast Awaken when you hit with it. Summer lets you summon a Nyxborn lynx (secretly a tiger). Autumn lets you create a Wall of Thorns. Winter lets you cast Ice Storm.

Khrusor, Spear of Heliod

The spear of the sun is a +3 spear that deals 2d8 extra radiant damage, at Piety 3+ it gives you temporary hit points every dawn, then beneficial properties at 10, 25, and 50 as per normal ones. It also sheds bright light out to 30 feet, dim light out to 30 more feet, and its light is sunlight. So beware vampires.

Khrusor can also be used to blind a creature you attack, once per day, and the wielder can use the spell to cast guiding bolt, daylight, or sunbeam.

Mastix, Whip of Erebos

Finally there’s Mastix, the Whip of the Dead. Like Erebos, this weapon is meant to test you. You gain a detrimental artifact property just for having it, as Erebos wants to test his faithful. In addition, it’s a +3 whip that deals 2d8 necrotic damage and heals you for half the damage dealt. When attacking on your turn, once per day, you can attack out to 300 feet.

While carrying the whip, you can cast circle of death or dominate monster (on undead only).


Happy Adventuring!

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