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GW Rumor Engine: Grind Those Gears

2 Minute Read
Jun 2 2020

This new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop is putting it’s foot down. Come see for yourself.

It’s a new Tuesday which means it’s a new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop and it looks like we’re getting some heavy machinery this go around.

via Warhammer Community

“There’s so much cool stuff coming, the Rumour Engine presumably didn’t have to try too hard to find something rad to show you this week. Take a look!”

So this looks a lot like something on the Imperial side of the house. It certainly has a similar look to the joints of the Redemptor Dreadnought:

Not only does the socket look similar, the back of the knee also has those exposed gears. Are we looking at another Dreadnought for the Space Marines? Well it could also be something for Imperial Knights – however, their joints look slightly different:


Whatever we’re looking at, it’s got some heavy armor and it looks to be dropping a pretty solid foundation down. So what do you think we’re looking at?


Alright Internet – place your bets and take you guesses. What do YOU hope we’re looking at from the Rumor Engine today?

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