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Infinity: Operation Kaldstrom – Unboxed

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Jun 5 2020

Take a look inside Infinity’s  brand new boxed set.  – PanOceania and Yu Jing faceoff in Operation Kaldstrom!

Corvus Belli has a new trailer up for their latest boxed set. Operation Kaldstrom features a new streamlined version of Infinity the Game. Get ready for Infinity CodeOne:

The research labs in the colony of Kaldstrom, in frozen Svarlarheima, are privy to technological advancements that would make the entire Human Sphere tremble if they were discovered. If the information contained within was ever released, it could tip the balance of power of the entire Human Sphere. PanOceania and Yu Jing won’t let this opportunity slip through their fingers. Only one of them will emerge victorious. Humanity’s future is at stake.

Gameplay Basics

Now get a quick introduction to the new streamlined game:

Inside the Box

AdamHarry takes a look inside the box:

Pan-O Forces

  • 3 Fusiliers
  • 1 Nurse
  • 1 Orc Troop
  • 1 Nokk
  • 1 Knight of Justice

Yu Jing Forces

  • 3 Zhanshi
  • 1 Dàofèi
  • 1 Guiláng
  • 1 Húndún

Operation Kaldstrom Box Contents

  • Mission tutorial booklet
  • Scenery pack
  • Game mat
  • States and markers
  • Templates
  • Dice

Pre-Order Exclusive – Kunai S. Mercenary Ninja

Check Out Operation Kaldstrom Here


Order the Set Here (Corvus Belli Webstore)



Fight for the future of Humanity!

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