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Warhammer 40K: What Armies Need The First Five Codexes?

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Jun 2 2020

There is a new edition around the corner but which armies should be the first to get a new codex?

We all know a new edition is coming soon and we know that GW is getting ready to release some Day One FAQs in PDF form to help with the transition. The next question will be who’s getting the first codex? And perhaps equally important, who’s getting the next 4 after that, too? With that in mind, here’s our prediction on the order of the first five codexes:

#1 Space Marines

“But they just got a new codex – in fact, they even got a 2nd edition version along with a bunch of supplements!” Hey, it’s a brand new edition so of course the poster boys are getting a new codex! Expect them to be in the first wave – if not the first codex.

#2 Necrons

With 10-12 new units/models, the Necrons are going to NEED a codex pretty quick after the new edition comes out. Here’s hoping they are soon.

#3 Adeptus Mechanicus

We’re penciling in the 3rd book as the Adeptus Mechanicus. They ALSO are getting a chunk of new units before this new edition and while they are getting rules for them in Engine War, their current codex is also one of the oldest – released in 2017. They are about due for an update anyways.

#4 Grey Knights


Currently, the Grey Knight book is the oldest codex as it was first released in August 2017. I don’t think anyone is asking for them to return to their bonkers 5th edition glory days but they could certainly use some new (Primaris) units.

#5 Blood Angels or Dark Angels

Because MOAR POWAH ARMOUR!!!! But also because their codexes were both released in December of 2017. A new book for either (or both) would allow GW to add all the new Space Marine units back into their books and update them for the next edition.

Bonus: Sisters of Battle?

So our initial list was going to be based off the new Trailer. IF that was the case, the list would have looked very different as it would have gone something like this:

  1. Space Marines
  2. Necrons
  3. Astra Militarum (they were in the video getting dissolved)
  4. Sisters of Battle
  5. Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition

“Wait, what!? Where are the other codexes!?” Look – I hate to break it to you, but Sisters of Battle are the Heralds of the end of an edition. So as soon as they are announced a new edition is on the way. They got a new codex back in November 2019. And have we gotten any new codexes since then? No. We’ve gotten Psychic awakening books – and Pariah (the last book) also features new Sisters of Battle. Have we gotten a new edition announcement? Yes. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


What order would you like to see new codexes released in? Let us know in the comments!

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