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40K 9th: Eldar Unite to Prevent a Tyranid Horror

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Jul 6 2020

The entire Eldar race is uniting to prevent the Tyranids from devouring something too horrible to contemplate.

9th Edition is on the way and with it comes that all new rulebook. While everyone is going crazy over the rule side of things, just remember that rulesets come and go like spring rains. It’s the lore and background that stay forever (in most cases). The new rulebook brings the grimdark up to date with all the events of 9th Edition and Psychic Awakening and fills out some details on the latest happenings and things to come.

The rulebook has several Key Warzone spreads that give details on the biggest most important areas in the galaxy. Things like Vigilus, the T’au 5th Sphere Expansion, and Armageddon are in there. But most interesting to me is this new gem featuring some very intriguing combatants – and not an Imperial amongst them.

War Zone Laevenir

The basics are an area of space loaded with Eldar Maiden Worlds and hungry, hungry Tyranid Hivefleet Ouroboris (aren’t they always). One world has been consumed already and about a dozen in total are at risk. We have a new Craftworld sounding the alarm – Kinshara.  Everyone answers the call, from the Craftworlds to the Harlequins, Corsairs, and even some Ynnari.  But the most interesting thing about the entire warzone isn’t the Eldar vs Tyranid conflict, but the native Xenos combatants.

Because the system is home to myriad sentient species that the Eldar both protect and cull. You can see at least three up there mustered organized forces and are fighting. But it’s that last one that makes it all really interesting from a 40K point of view. One of the species has a genetic makeup that affects the flow of time. So much so that Farseers cannot easily see them, and that Imperial summary up there notes that their recording equipment was destroyed by the act of even trying to record the race.

The Eldar may not be able to predict the future of this race, but they know that it would be VERY VERY BAD NEWS if the Tyranids added this race’s DNA to the hivemind.


Remember these guys? Hmmm?

Why This is Cool

So several things here.  It’s rare to add new xenos races to the game and this one has some really distinct ones. Then we have the addition of this Warzone to the game on an even footing with classics like Vigilus and Armageddon. GW could easily have a campaign series planned in the future for Laevenir. Third, it’s always great to see GW give the non-Imperial side of things some love. Fourth, any excuse to maybe throw a few more Xenos minis and rules into the game is wonderful.

Last but not least… say it with me… time-twisting Tyranids!  Just think of the rules and models!!!

~Where do you think GW is going with this?

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