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40K: Eradicators are Badasses

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Jul 8 2020

The Eradicators in the new Indomitus box have been flying under the radar – but they are amazing!

The Indomitus box is amazing and jam packed with cool new minis. Things like the Skorpekh Destroyers and Bladeguard have been getting a lot of high profile attention, but a lot of the other units have seen skulking around in the background. Today we want to throw some light on the new Heavy Support unit for the Primaris – Eradicators.

The Minis

These guys look chunky and mean. You have heavy Gravis armor, the chunkier helmets, and those great two-handed Melta-rifles.  These are models walking in the footsteps of both classic marine Devastators, Centurions, and Terminators. Now the Primaris range has its own Heavy Support Infantry and has one less thing they need to fall back on the classic Marine range for.

Eradicator Basics

Onto the rules.  The Heavy Armor and weapons slows these dudes down to 5″, but gives them T5.  I’ll take that tradeoff. The Melta-rifle at first seems lackluster, but it is a solid piece of wargear. It is the dream Devastators have had for decades, an Assault Multi-melta. That’s before you note the Total Obliteration rule that lets you fire twice.

The squad size is 3, but other similar Primaris units, often have the option of upgrading to 6, and I expect no different when the full Marine Codex arrives.




We don’t have confirmed points, but the purported marine points list (see below) has Eradicators clocking in at 40pts apiece.  That is a lot of firepower for 120pts. What has people taking note is Salamander’s Eradicators. The ability to throw 6 shots downrange, with 2x Salamander Rerolls is not to be underestimated. Note the wording of Total Obliteration “this unit can shoot twice”, rather than doubling the number of shots. This would mean the Master Crafted rule could go off two times.

Now assume the squad can go to 6 models. That’s 12 nasty melta shots.  Add in support HQs (hello Captain) to your liking for the rerolls you desire to really pump up the squad’s damage output.

Next note that as an Assault weapon rather than Heavy, Eradicators will come for you.  There’s no hiding behind corners or out of LoS like you could do with Heavy weapons. These guys will move up and nail folks without the to-hit penalties of other Heavy weapon units.

As a final note we’ve seen the difference between the old Multi-Melta and the new Melta-rifle. When a full plastic box of Eradicators comes out, it is likely to have more new weapon options that are updated counterparts to some of the old Devastator weapons. I can’t wait to see their statlines.

~ Good hunting brothers – WHHHOOOOSH!



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