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D&D: Five Foods That Are Magically Delicious – Because They’re Magic Items

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Jul 30 2020

D&D is a game that proves anything can be a magic item if you set your mind to it. Join us as we look back at five magic items you won’t regret eating.

Have you ever wondered about your magic items’ mouthfeel? Look, this is a safe space, we won’t judge. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s wondering what it would feel like to chomp on an Ioun Stone, or seeing just how many beads of force you can fit in your mouth before you spit them out one at a time–just take care not to activate them, magic items and mouths are a forbidden combination–at least that’s how it is now. But back in the days of 2nd Edition, in the Encyclopedia Magicka, there were magic items that you were meant to eat, whole pages full of arcane appetizers, magical meals, and divine desserts. Today we’re looking at five.

Pie of Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Let’s start with this magical pie that looks and smells delicious, which if eaten causes no ill effect. But if you speak the proper command word while holding this magical pie, it opens and release 24 black pterodactyls that can understand AND will obey the bearer of the pie. Isn’t that a dainty dish to set before your foes.

Apple of Bragi

A classic magical item from mythology. These apples are grown by Bragi, son of Odin (and found in the D&D Master Set), which if eaten cure weariness, decay of power, ill temper, or failing health. Exactly the kind of item a party of low level adventurers would do a quest to receive in order to save an ailing friend.

Magical Berries

These magical berries grew out of ground watered by healing potions–these could conceivably called betterberries, for they each heal 1d4 points of damage when eaten, but only last for a day after they’ve been plucked.

Can of Spinach


This is a magical can of spinach, which does exactly what you’d think it does if you’ve ever seen a Popeye cartoon. Containing “green leaves in a vile broth” it grants users who succeed against a save vs. poison (or be nauseated) 18 strength for three hours.

Pie of Raspberries

Another magical pie (there are three all in all), this pie functions like a four and twenty blackbirds pie, only instead of unleashing pterodactyls, when commanded to “release” it emits “a long, loud burbling sound audible to all within 120 feet regardless of walls or doors.”

So. If you ever need a magical whoopee cushion, here’s the next best thing.

More magical items should be edible–and these are easy to convert to any edition. All you need is a little something to whet your appetite.

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