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Star Wars: Legion – Clan Wren Expansion Preview

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Jul 28 2020

The forces of the Mandalorians are coming to Star Wars: Legion!

It’s a brand new expansion for the tabletop with the Clan Wren Unit Expansion coming soon. These Mandalorian warriors are bringing their fierce warriors traditions with them – plus that sweet armor and some cool new tricks, too.

via Fantasy Flight Games

“The history of Mandalore is a history of war. Raised to revere battle, combat is a defining trait of Mandalorian culture. The reputation of Mandalorians is so great, in fact, that they are known for facing Jedi in single combat and you’ll find the warriors of the Mandalorian Resistance share the same ferocity and fearlessness as their forebears.

Centuries of martial traditions have therefore prepared the warriors of Mandalore to face an enemy as great as the Galactic Empire and the skill they display on the battlefield more than makes up for their limited numbers. The Mandalorian Resistance immediately becomes one of the most mobile trooper units available to the Rebel Alliance, pairing a speed of three with the ability to use their jetpacks to gain a height advantage on their enemies.”

These are the basic Mandalorian Resistance fighters and they are a tough cookie! They have lots of tricks for movement and can even get some extra upgrades to up their combat potential.


But that’s not all – you can even opt for the Clan Wren version of the unit for even more punch.

Whichever option you go for, you can also add some extra character to the unit courtesy of some additional upgrades.

Both of the members of the Wren Clan add their on unique benefits for the unit and are both pointed accordingly.


Clan Wren Unit Expansion $34.95

An ancient Mandalorian clan with ties to House Vizsla, Clan Wren’s storied warriors are legendary for their battlefield prowess. Now they unite with the Rebellion, fighting for a free galaxy and the liberation of Mandalore.

Within the Clan Wren Unit Expansion, you’ll find seven highly customizable Mandalorian miniatures—enough to deploy in two distinct units—and eight upgrade cards to outfit them for combat. Three of these miniatures blast off from their bases with jet packs and flight stands let you decide their height and trajectory. Meanwhile, a single Mandalorian trooper can wield the traditional beskad saber or appear with a single Westar 35 blaster pistol. Finally, Clan Wren matriarch Ursa Wren leads her family into battle with her signature Nite Owl helmet.


Due out in September of this year – the Mandalorians are coming!

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