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Tabletop Kickstarter Round-Up: July 15, 2020

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Jul 15 2020

Battle in the frozen Iron Kingdoms, add some urban sci-fi terrain to your skirmish games, and get your kiddos into RPGs with a game co-written by a kid. Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding highlights!

Slice Second Edition

Hi, I’m Matt. Last year my daughter Mya and I created a role-playing game (RPG) for kids. It really caught on in our homeschooling community, and we’ve been playing it with so many different kids since then. RPGs offer children a unique way to use their problem-solving skills and imagination to engage each other in collaborative storytelling.

This year we’ve taken everything we’ve learned to make SLICE 2nd edition. We created a whole new character sheet with visual icons so that it’s more like a video game, and we made it so that you can not only level up your character, but also their talents and items. SLICE 2nd ed. keeps the dynamic dice rolling system and the SLICE mechanic that makes dice rolling so exciting. (Please note that the six sided dice required to play are available to purchase at your local game store.) The rules have also been completely overhauled to allow for richer character development and more in-depth campaigns.

Pledges start at $12 for second edition PDF and you can get both editions for $15.

Iron Hive Second Strike – 28-35mm Terrain

IRON HIVE represents an industrial scenery, a  harsh environment of steel, cables and smoke where gang wars and  skirmishes take place. This project offers a laser cut plastic Sci-Fi terrain for 28-35mm wargames. Pre-painted, easy to build, and easy to assemble.

  •  Easy and fast to build: adhesive sheets and “dry” build, based on a smart and strength construction system.
  •  Higly configurable: sections has been meticulously designed to allow all kind of assemble options, which you can modify all times you want.
  •  Pre-coated: two grey tones provide a nice aesthetic just enough to play, but only with drybrush and washes process, or other easy techniques, this scenery can look really impressive!
  •  High detail: the 1mm and 0.5mm plastic sheets, used to design this laser cut model, provide much more detail level than the classical 3mm MDF boards. 

Pledges start at $136 for a base set.

Book of Monsterous Might – 5e


This is a book about new mosterous options and tactics compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Based on concepts from our 5-star and gold-best seller Recovery Dice Options,’ this book adds new monsterous races, new monsters and new abilities to use that will surprise and delight players as well as nefarious game masters.  

Likewise, we give players who loved Volo’s a similar treat with numerous new wild and wondrous monstrous playable races.  From the nefarious half-brain gorger, to the wild and mysterious briarborn, the secretive umbral elves, savage half-ghouls and many, many more!

Pledges start at $25 for a PDF and $49 for a print version.

Gangster Bang Miniatures – STL


Ganster Bang is a miniature kickstarter and accessories ready for 3d printing and planning your next round. A collection based on the 1920s of interwar times where the most dangerous mafias reigned. The basic pack is made up of 12 characters, each with their characteristics and their role in the family. The reward includes these 12 characters in STL format so you can print them at home, paint them and enjoy them in your board games or on your bookshelf.

Pledges start at $18 for the core set, accesories, and unlocked stretch goals. 

Riot Quest: Wintertime Wasteland


The once-great Iron Kingdoms are now a pile of smoldering ruins. But there’s treasure everywhere…if you’ve got the gumption to fight for it! You’ll need a crackerjack crew, gobs of gear, and lots of love for the chaos of battle if you’re going to score the best leftover loot in the land. But watch out! It’s every human, dwarf, elf, and gobber for themselves in this outrageous quest for bodacious booty!

Nominated for the Origins Award for best miniatures game of 2019, Riot Quest  Nominated for the Origins Award for best miniatures game of 2019, Riot Quest is a fast-moving, highly unpredictable arena board game for two to four players using hobby a fast-moving, highly unpredictable arena board game for two to four players using hobby miniatures.

Pledges start at $50 for a one-player starter and $100 for a two-player starter.

Ascension Tactics: The Deckbuilding Miniatures Game

Ascension Tactics is a revolutionary new game, pioneering a brand-new genre by combining the best of tactical miniatures games with the fast-paced strategy of deck-building games. Ascension Tactics brings the most iconic characters from the award-winning deck-building game to life as highly-detailed paintable 3D miniatures.

  • Many ways to play! Battle through the campaign mode or try the various PvP, Cooperative, and Solo Scenarios.
  • PvP drafting mode allows players to build their armies before a battle.
  • Players acquire cards from the ever-changing center row to power up their forces.
  • Even the smallest miniature can take down mighty beasts by gaining command points and equipping magical constructs.
  • No dice rolling required!

Pledges start at $99 for the core game.

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