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Total War: Warhammer 2 – An Update To The Update

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Jul 20 2020

Da Nutz ‘n Boltz update has gotten some high-priority updates over the last week. Here’s a look at the nuts and bolts of da nutz ‘n’ boltz updates, update.

It’s been a week since the latest update to the update, and Da Nutz and Boltz continue to be tweaked as Creative Assembly tweaks some of the quality of life improvements that have been made in the last while. And today we’re taking a look at what exactly got changed in the latest update to the update. So summon the elector counts, stand behind your staunch line of spears, and let’s dig in to what’s new.

via Creative Assembly

Da Nutz ‘N’ Boltz update has now been further updated with some high-priority tweaks and fixes. These are as follows:  

  • Fixed a bug in the Vortex Campaign final battle which caused all four enemy armies to appear together at the start, making it exceedingly tough. Their arrival is now correctly staggered 
  • Chapter objectives have been updated for Alarielle to use her correct campaign Rite (Greater Invocation of Isha) 
  • Fixed issues with various heroes T-posing
  • Fixed an error in which the player could control a WAAAGH! army separate to their main army when raiding 
  • Fixed an issue with the Army Stances list which caused it to erroneously close 
  • Eltharion can no longer permanently imprison your Lords following an autoresolved battle 
  • Completing a campaign now correctly triggers the achievement for completing the campaign on that difficulty setting 
  • Greenskin and Norscan confederation dilemmas will now correctly fire after defeating faction leaders 
  • Legendary Lord traits can now be acquired when fighting and defeating them in a battle 
  • Appropriate negative relationship traits are now unlocked when defeating races in battle
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose access to various army abilities given in the Vortex Campaign final battle 
  • Players not currently performing a WAAAGH! in a co-op campaign can accumulate WAAAGH! points by razing settlements in preparation for their own WAAAGH!  
  • Recycling items within the Dwarf Forge will now prevent Oathgold from being farmed and exploited 


We’ve received lots of community feedback regarding the balance between Orcs and Goblins, particularly in the Greenskin Technology Tree. On review, we agreed that the Orc bonuses were a bit one-note (leaning heavily on Weapon Strength), so have adapted several technologies to apply their effects to a broader set of units.

  • ‘Eavier Clubs
    • +5 Melee Attack for Savage Orcs replaced by +8 Melee Attack for Orc Infantry
  • ‘Eavy Metal
    • +3 Melee Attack for Orc Infantry replaced by +10 Armour for Orc Infantry
    • Weapon Strength bonus reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Better Arrer Heads
    • All effects now apply to all missile infantry (was previously just goblins)
  • Boar Painting
    • 10% recruitment cost for Savage Orcs replaced by +10% speed for Orc Boars
  • Gobbo Crackdown
    • +10% speed for Goblins replaced by +10% speed for all infantry

Scrap Upgrades

We’ve also adjusted the following upgrade available to Orc Boyz, as we felt that, while strong in a specific context, it lacked the all-round value of equivalent upgrades.

  • Padded Shield
    • Missile Block Chance reduced from +40 to +30
    • Now grants +15 armour

Other Changes

Over time we’ve tended to reduce the recruitment time of higher-tier units. Several units had not been updated accordingly, so we’ve made some changes:

  • Big ‘Uns, Savage Orc Big ‘Uns and Boar Boyz recruitment time reduced from 2 to 1 turn
  • Norscan Giant and Greenskin giant recruitment time reduced from 3 to 2 turns

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed multiple rare end turn crashes.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening Recruit Lord UI if Gotrek is in the Lord pool
  • Fixed a softlock that occurred in multiplayer co-op when the call to arms diplomacy screen was displayed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when loading in as The Golden Sun Order in multiplayer campaign
  • Gambling Winds of Magic will no longer give the same result each time
  • Removed the Lord of Changes’ influence on the stance list – it should no longer play mind games and close while moused over
  • Fixed an issue with army selection on the campaign map where having two armies nearby each other would sometimes block selection of the other
  • Updated Black Orc Big Boss with a stauncher skill tree
  • Grimgor now has a new faction effect that enables recruitment of Black Orc Big Bosses in all regions
  • Grimgor now has a new skill Best of Da Best which provides +2 capacity for Black Orc Big Bosses
  • Eltharion can no longer permanently imprison Lords following an autoresolve battle
  • Lords captured via the Warden’s Cage ability will now unlock their Lord Defeated traits
  • Added High Elves Fire Mage on Sun Dragon to Heroes unit caps
  • Imrik’s long campaign victory can now correctly be accomplished for those that do not own The Queen & The Crone DLC
  • Victory condition achievements should now correct unlock when completing a campaign as Grom on the Vortex campaign
  • Rank 7 veteran skills will now affect the Regiments of Renown included in The Warden & The Paunch DLC
  • Alarielle should now be able to recruit the new mages introduced in The Warden & The Paunch DLC
  • Marauder Chieftains should now have their correct skill trees
  • Fixed multiple occupation options for certain settlements for Nakai
  • Fixed multiple occupation options for Norsca on certain settlements
  • Black Orc Big Boss now correctly has VO in all areas
  • Added missing icon for Rebirth abilities when the unit failed to gain health and would instead die
  • Renamed Karak Ungor to Red Eye Mountain
  • Removed Fightiness from effect bundle when laying siege as Greenskins
  • Fixed various localisation issues in multiple languages

Good luck, generals!


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