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Warhammer 40K: 5 MSU-Style Units To Look Out For In 9th

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Jul 10 2020

MSU-style units are going to be all the range in 9th. Here are some really solid options that could take the tabletop by storm.

Multiple Small Units, or MSU, armies have been a part of the game of Warhammer 40,000 for many editions. Their prominence has waxed and waned as the editions change or as the armies/rules shift. Sometimes they are the meta while other times they have been ignored. In 9th Edition, it’s looking like MSU will be a really great option for taking advantage of many of the new rules while also avoiding some of the more devastating effects of the rules changes.

Today, we’re looking at 5 units that we think are going to show up in units of 5 models or less and be the flag bearers of this movement. Here’s our top 5 MSU units to look out for in 9th edition!

Dire Avengers

These Aeldari warriors are due for a comeback. They are fast, pack a punch, and have some surprising durability. On top of that, they are going to be great for snagging an objective or performing an action for your lists. Don’t be shocked when these Aspect Warriors start popping up in Craftworld lists!


The tactical flexibility of a unit of Intercessors cannot be overstated. Because of their larger base size and the changes to terrain, their ability to combat squad during a game is going to be very valuable for keeping unit/units alive and on mission. Wise generals are going to plan ahead and split the unit in half so that one part goes to take an objective/perform an action and the other blocks or causes trouble for your opponent. Avoid the more deadly effects of Blast weapons with MSU Intercessors. Oh, and they still have a 3+ save and 2 wounds a pop – so there is that.

Blightlord Terminators

On top of having some pretty scary offensive options, the Blightlord Terminators are defensive juggernauts. They are very tough to unseat and, with the right number of them, they are going to be a thorn in your opponent’s battle plan. Great durability combined with some nasty options for both ranged and close combat is going to make them worth checking out in 9th edition. Plus there are lots of those pesky nurgle tricks (aka stratagems) to pop on them, too.



We know that the new Necron Warriors are getting all the attention lately, but don’t skip over the Necron Immortals. Like the rest of the units on this list, they are surprisingly durable and can pump out some serious firepower. In 5-man units, they are also cause some tactical challenges for your opponent – do they really want to use all that shooting to take them out? They do enough damage to be annoying and you can’t ignore them. At the same time, they take a lot more resources to remove than you might initially plan for. And you need to wipe the unit or the reanimation protocols could allow them to get back up…


“But which units in the Custodes army?” Yes. The answer is “pick one” because Custodes are going to function fantastically in 9th as an army of MSUs running around. Why? Have you fought against a Custodes Army!? Again, very durable and lots of offensive firepower. While 9th edition might have cut down on allies a bit, Custodes are looking like a pretty good alternative. I’ll happily take 3-5 custodes in a unit vs pretty much any other MSUs in the game all day long. You’re paying the points for them to be the elite killing machines that they are and they will eat pretty much any other small unit in the game. 9th is going to be good for them.

That’s our list – but we know there are more MSUs out there that are going to be great in 9th – let us know your favorites in the comments!

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