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Warhammer 40K: Indomitus Painting Guides

Jul 17 2020

Games Workshop has released a plethora of painting guide videos to help you get your models ready for battle!

If you were looking forward to getting those 10 extra VPs for having a fully painted army then GW has you covered with 5 new videos to help with painting. These cover the basics for the Indomitus models with some quick how-to video guides from the Warhammer Community team. These videos are for Battle Ready versions of the models with more in depth guides coming later.

via Warhammer Community

“There are SO MANY models packed in the Indomitus box, and we’ve got a nifty series of Battle Ready videos to help you get them painted in a hurry! “

Indomitus Space Marines: Battle Ready Ultramarines

Indomitus Necrons: Battle Ready Szarekhan Dynasty

Indomitus Space Marines: Battle Ready Alternative Chapters



Indomitus Necrons: Battle Ready Alternative Dynasties

Indomitus Bases

These are all straightforward guides to help you get solid results. If you’re a new painted or just looking for some basic ideas to get your army up and running quickly, these videos are perfect for that. So watch these videos, take some notes on what paints you’ll need, and get ready for some serious hobbying!


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