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Warhammer 40K: Post-Indomitus Space Marine Releases

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Jul 6 2020

There are quite a few units on deck for the Space Marines after the Indomitus Box drops. Let’s take a look.

It seems like every week or two GW has another Space Marine unit on preview. That’s really cool for Space Marines and everything but it’s getting to the point where keeping track of what’s coming is getting a little confusing. So what’s after Indomitus? A Lot. It’s time to dive into the deep pool that is the Space Marines models in a post-Indomitus World.

Invader ATV

Right after the Indomitus Previews, GW showed off the Invader ATV. This unit is basically the Attack-bike of the Outriders. It’s going to have either the Onslaught Gatling Cannon or Multi-melta. We’re all collectively hoping that Driver has some really good eye and ear protection…

Firestrike Servo-Turret

After that, we also have the new Firestrike Servo Turret. Rocking either the twin accelerator autocannon or twin las-talons, this turret looks like a stationary platform that’s going to lay down some serious firepower. We here are BoLS are very curious about the points cost of this one and if it has any type of movement or deployment restrictions.

Hammerfall Bunker

Inside the Indomitus Core Book we get a look at the new Hammerfall. Now, GW has called it both the Hammerfall Bunker and the text has it listed as the Hammerfall Drop Turret.


We don’t know if the name is going to be a factor or what – we just know that it’s going to be a tough cookie to crack with all those flamers and the new super frag/krak missiles it’s going to shoot.

Primaris Techmarine

More recently, we’ve gotten a look at the new Primaris Techmarine. I think most folks were expecting this a lot sooner because of the Iron Hands character – but now it’s finally announced and on the way.

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Eh, it’s not quite Doomrider…but I kinda like it! The Chaplain is going to be able to keep up with your Outriders and provide some buffs via the litanies. So, that’s a plus. It’s also yet another unit that GW has revealed.

Bonus: Mystery Units?

We’re not officially counting these as the only evidence we have is this blurry pic that was “leaked” a while ago. That said, we have new Outriders now and those are allegedly pictured above. That still leaves this mysterious new “flyer” in the middle plus the Baal Turreted Executioner on the lower left. We’re still not sure if it’s fake or what – however, if this turns out to be real, then that’s at least two more units on the way.


In total, that’s 5 confirmed units and possibly another 2 “mystery units” on the way. Oh and you KNOW a bunch of the units from inside the Indomitus box are going to get their own boxed sets eventually. Bladeguard Vets, Outriders, and Assault Primaris are most certainly on deck. The characters may or may not get releases – although that would be silly of GW not to re-release them.

Carve them up and re-box them. You know it’s going to happen.


That’s quite a new boost of units for the Space Marines. With the Indomitus Box itself lacking point values, does anyone really think we’re not going to get a new Codex for the Space Marines relatively quickly? But that’s just speculation…right.


Man, imagine if other armies got this much love from GW. At least 5 new kits that quickly after the new edition? It’s good to be a Marine!

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