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Warhammer 40K: The OTHER New Models Teased From The Launch Party

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Jul 27 2020

Are you ready for some models that aren’t Primaris or Necrons? Then take a look at this teaser from Games Workshop!

At the end of the Launch Party Livestream, GW teased the folks watching with one last stinger for some more models on the way. How many do you see? Let’s take them one at a time:

via Warhammer Community

#1 – New Chaos/Death Guard Model

First up, we have this cool looking model. I think it’s possibly the same model or something from the same unit. If you look closely at the top picture, you can see a familiar green colored Power Armor boot behind the strange bat-like wing/cape thing. That shade is very much in line with the Death Guard. The next image is of a sickly looking …something. Is it a gun or close combat weapon? Probably…but you can see the fist holding it above it as well as another angle of that sickly wing/cape thing. The fist has the same green shade as above which is why I think it’s the same model – or at least part of the same unit.

Also that cape is from a Rumor Engine from earlier this month:


 #2 – Drukhari Model

Next up, we have a pretty gnarly looking picture of a dagger being wielded by an Aeldari warrior of some kind – quite possibly a Wych from the Drukhari. The dark leather kind of gives it away. Plus this model is barefoot…and has a sinister looking weapon in their other hand, too. Note the spikes along the sides of their pants and the strange symbol on their gauntlet. What if this is some type of new Ynnari model? Red and Black is kind of their thing. Also, it’s from a Rumor Engine from June:

#3 Adeptus Mechanicus Model

We have another member of the Ad Mech with some interesting features. Firstly, that metal fist only appears to have 3 fingers. It’s holding the focus which is some type of Ad Mech Rod. If I had to guess this model has a lot more “machine-than-man” parts. Taking a look at it’s legs, which appear to be more metal, this model is really look like it’s a Skitarii of some type.



Note the similar footwear and fingers on the Squad-leader.


#4 Ork Model

This one sure looks like a new ork. The green skin and the toof icons on the shoota are kind of dead give-aways. Here’s a look at a green hand holding a choppa. What’s more interesting to me are the bones that appear to be coming out of the shoulder pad. Could be a new Feral Ork Boy. Whatever this one is, you can bet there are more Orks on the way!

#5 New Sister of Battle – Palantine

This one wasn’t so much teased as it was shown off. But it was also in the video so we’re counting it, too.



Well, what do you think of these new models? Any theories as to what else they could be?!

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