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D&D BREAKING: New Book Announced – Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything

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Aug 24 2020

Boasting a “magical mixture of rules options”, the next D&D book, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything could be the one many players have been waiting for.

This is a big one folks. With so many Unearthed Arcana previewing new rules, new ways of playing the game, and new options that promote flexibility, it feels like the latest book is the culmination of the past few years of player and DM yearning. All of that seems to come together in the newest book, revealed today: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

This new book looks like it incorporates the past year or so of Unearthed Arcana, promising: expanded subclass options, new rules for variant class features, including the rules promised back in D&D’s Diversity Statement which allow you to customize your character’s origins, separating ability scores from your race (if they even still use that word).

But the book goes even further with new options. Group Patrons look like they’re getting ported over from Eberron, there are new spells, new artifacts, those Magical Tattoos made it in. And it looks like they’re trying to tackle traps and puzzles again. All of this is due out November 17th. The book also features a cover that shows off Tasha and her longtime lover/foe Graz’zt, a seductive demon prince.

The book will be previewed at an upcoming live virtual event on September 18th, check back for more details on that later.

via Wizards of the Coast

Tasha’s Cauldron Of Everything – $49.95

A magical mixture of rules options for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.


The wizard Tasha, whose great works include the spell Tasha’s hideous laughter, has gathered bits and bobs of precious lore during her illustrious career as an adventurer. Her enemies wouldn’t want these treasured secrets scattered across the multiverse, so in defiance, she has collected and codified these tidbits for the enrichment of all.

  • EXPANDED SUBCLASSES. Try out subclass options for every Dungeons & Dragons class, including the artificer, which appears in the book.
  • MORE CHARACTER OPTIONS. Delve into a collection of new class features and new feats, and customize your character’s origin using straightforward rules for modifying a character’s racial traits.
  • INTRODUCING GROUP PATRONS. Whether you’re part of the same criminal syndicate or working for an ancient dragon, each group patron option comes with its own perks and types of assignments.
  • SPELLS, ARTIFACTS & MAGIC TATTOOS. Discover more spells, as well as magic tattoos, artifacts, and other magic items for your campaign.
  • EXPANDED RULES OPTIONS. Try out rules for sidekicks, supernatural environments, natural hazards, and parleying with monsters, and gain guidance on running a session zero.
  • A PLETHORA OF PUZZLES. Ready to be dropped into any D&D adventure, puzzles of varied difficulty await your adventurers, complete with traps and guidance on using the puzzles in a campaign.

Full of expanded content for players and Dungeon Masters alike, this book is a great addition to the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Baked in you’ll find more rule options for all the character classes in the Player’s Handbook, including more subclass options. Thrown in for good measure is the artificer class, a master of magical invention. And this witch’s brew wouldn’t be complete without a dash of added artifacts, spellbook options, spells for both player characters and monsters, magical tattoos, group patrons, and other tasty goodies.

Happy Adventuring!

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