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D&D: Tony DiTerlizzi Sends People Through Planescape Torment

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Aug 30 2020

Yesterday, artist Tony DiTerlizzi, better known as the artist behind Planescape, announced he was back with WotC, but not for Planescape.

For five and a half brief hours, yesterday, the D&D community was rocked by the hope that there might be a Planescape supplement in the work, when Tony DiTerlizzi, whose artwork gave Planescape it’s iconic style, announced that he was “doing a little something” for his old pals at WotC.

This sent people on all corners of the internet into a tizzy. After all, it’s Tony DiTerlizzi, what else could he be working on? This had to be a teaser for an upcoming Planescape supplement. This is what everyone, be they on reddit:



Or whatever online community you prefer, the D&D community proved positively pained for Planescape. So much so, that five hours and twenty-five minutes later, DiTerlizzi had to reply (on various threads) that it was not, in fact Planescape, as that would be “gigantic” or possibly “infinite something.”

Which led many folks to speculate that DiTerlizzi might be back working on Magic: the Gathering cards, which he has also done:

And so, the hype train was dismantled on the tracks mere six feet from the station. But the community’s growing interest in a setting beyond D&D’s Forgotten Realms is palpable. On the latest big survey, they had ample opportunities to talk about settings–though curiously, it’s only ever the old settings that get a mention. But, Planescape struck a chord with many people in its day, presenting a much more cosmopolitan–or perhaps cosmic-politan view of D&D’s Multiverse. It was a setting like no other, with a massive city at its heart, where angels and demons could work together, but no gods were allowed.

And beyond the City of Doors? Infinite possibilities across the vast planes of existence. We may never get a Planescape book, but for five brief hours, the community had hope.

Guess you could say they experienced some Planescape…torment.


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