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Warhammer 40K: Ranking The Enemy Models Of Blackstone Fortress

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Aug 24 2020

Blackstone Fortress has introduced some great enemies models into the game – and now we’re going to rank them!

The final expansion for Blackstone Fortress is coming out for pre-order this weekend and with it, the final challenge approaches. Today, we’re going to take a look back at all the enemies you can encounter with Blackstone Fortress and rank their models! Now, for simplicity sake, we’re going to lump the models from the same release together. Otherwise this list would get a tad unwieldy. That said – let’s dive on in!

#7 –  No Respite

Coming in at last place, we’re going with the villains from No Respite. Why? It’s not because these models are bad – far, far from it! It’s just that these weren’t new releases. They were just repackages of Poxwalkers and some of the push-fit Death Guard. They aren’t BAD enemies – but compared to the rest, this one does feel kinda of lazy.

#6 – Traitor Command

These models were new and they were pretty cool in game, too. So why are they #6 on our list? Well, mostly because they were such a tease! They are Traitor Guard – and that’s an army folks have been wanting for a while. These models only fueled our hope that Chaos would get some Traitor Guard models even more after the OG Baddies from the boxed set were out. We’re still hoping that we get a proper Chaos Traitor Guard release…but it doesn’t look like that could happen anytime soon. So they are getting #6 for throwing gas on the fire and making us excited only to let us down later.

#5 – Dread Ambull

Coming in at number 5 is the Dread Ambull. We actually really liked this model, too! We loved that it was a call back to the old school lore and it’s a monster that is most definitely a blast from the 40k past! Why is it not higher on the list? Well, it was better than the above two expansions, and it’s a new model for sure, but we were also hoping we’d see more Ambull stuff later. This could have been more than just a one-and-done thing. Even Necromunda got the Ambots and we thought there would be more Ambull…Ah well.

#4 Blackstone Fortress – Original Baddies


We’re lumping all the baddies from the core box together. Not only is it a fantastic range of miniatures in general, but the enemies are very diverse! There are strange aliens, tons of traitor guardsmen and co, freaking BEAST MEN, evil mechanicus cultists and some Chaos Space Marines, too. Seriously, the main box had it all and really got our hopes up. Give us more Chaos Traitor Guardsmen!

#3 Cultists of the Abyss

We have to give props to these Cultists. They came out of nowhere and surprised us. For starters, they are great alternative sculpts for Chaos Cultists. But more importantly, they were a legit challenge. We loved the new style they introduced and really like the crazy leader with their flamer and strange armor. We want more of these guys in the future!

#2 – Zoat from Deadly Alliance

It’s a freaking ZOAT! We had to rank this one high on the list because it’s not only one of the best story-hooks for Blackstone Fortress, it’s also a call-back decades in the making…sorta. We haven’t seen a Zoat model in so long we had thought they were relegated to the history books. But GW decided to bring one back in a really neat way. We’re hoping we see even more zoats in the future.

#1 Guardian Drones – Ascension

We had to go with these as #1 on our list. Why? Because these are the last baddies and the final expansion for Blackstone Fortress. For us, they are still a mystery. They are the keepers of the final secrets for the Blackstone Fortress and we want to find out more! We’re going to have to tackle them in order to uncover those secrets – who are they and who made them? Are they part of the Fortress, ancient aliens, or something more? Everything about Blackstone Fortress has been leading us to these final Guardians and we want to learn the truth!




How would you rank the Enemies of the Blackstone Fortress? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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