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Warhammer 40K: Updated Impulsor Stats Sighted

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Aug 17 2020

It looks like the Primaris Impulsor is also getting an overhaul in the new edition. Take a look.

This image from a miniature assembly guide has been doing the rounds on Reddit and some Forums this past weekend. This is the assembly sheet from the recently reboxed 9th edition Impulsor kits. While the main unit itself is pretty similar, a lot of its weapons are quite different!


All New Impulsor

The main statline is unchanged, as is its degraded performance when damaged. Moving on.

Updated Weapons:

  • Bellicatus missile array’s Icarus missiles change from D:D3 to D:2
  • Ironhail heavy stubber changes from Heavy:3 to Heavy:4
  • Ironhail skytalon array changes from Heavy:6 to Heavy:8


This is the short assembly instructions stats, so it’s missing all the detailed datasheet rules.

So we are seeing a trend of an increase in D2 weapons across the Marine datasheets. It would appear that GW wants to make a subset of D:2 weapons more prevalent as “marine-killers”. It will be interesting as these are wasted against the single wound armies, but very useful versus the 1/3 of all factions in the game that are Marines. I wonder how they will be costed.

Next is the sighting of another heavy stubber moving to 4 shots. While I personally dislike the aesthetic of stubbers appearing all over the marine and ad-mech range (I just think they are best used in the Astra Militarum) I’m not complaining about the extra firepower. I hope this carries over to the Guard.


What do think of the updated Impulsor?

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