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D&D: Catch Up with All of Last Weekend’s Games at Celebration

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Sep 26 2020

This year’s D&D Celebration wasn’t all about the panels – there were some great games set in Icewind Dale, Waterdeep, and beyond.

Join the cast of A Darkened Wish as they venture north into Icewind Dale.

  • B. Dave Walters (He/him)
  • May Leigh Damage (She/her)
  • D’Artagnan Mataliano (He/him)
  • Alcuin Gersh (He/him)
  • Gini Benson (They/them)
  • Sam de Leve (They/them)


The How We Roll podcast has begun to stream and had a fantastic debut on the D&D stream.

  • Joe Trier
  • Eoghan
  • Niall
  • Kuran
  • Special guest: Virginia


Join this amazing cast of players as Brennan Lee Mulligan leads them on an adventure we’re calling The Great Knucklehead Rally. You won’t regret it!

  • Brennan Lee Mulligan as the DM
  • Jody Houser as Selene
  • Gaurav Gulati as Ran’dei Sav’age
  • Liam O’Brien as Graeth
  • Carlos Luna as Roussimoff
  • Aabria Iyengar as Kovack
  • Chris Perkins as Can of Tuna


Chris Hislop DMs a wonderful group of adventurers from the town of Lonelywood in Icewind Dale who find themselves involved in a grand plan.

  • Chris Hislop
  • Brandy Camel
  • Anjuli Smith
  • Kim Richards
  • Aoife Wilson
  • TK Johnson



The Australian group, Dragon Friends, and the New Zealand group Viva La Dirt League, combine for this wonderfully wacky and crazy game of Dungeons & Dragons as they endure a bit of a mystery that leads then from Waterdeep to Icewind Dale.

  • David Harmon
  • Michael Hing
  • Ben Jenkins
  • Alex Lee
  • Rowan Bettjemen
  • Adam King
  • Alan Morrison


The group is visited by Agnis and Tarkhal’s mother who has a job for them which takes them north to the frozen Icewind Dale.

  • Nights of Eveningstar is DMed by Mark Hulmes aka “SherlockHulmes”
  • Agnis Crownsilver is played by Anna Prosser
  • Azara Mithras is played by Mica Burton
  • Marcel is played by Nathan Sharp aka “NateWantsToBattle”
  • Tarkhal Crownsilver is played by Jonathan Indovino aka “ShadyPenguinn”

Author: Mars Garrett
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