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D&D: These Monsters Might Only Be CR 1/4, But They’re All Heart To Us

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Sep 21 2020

We’re celebrating the news that CR 1/4 monsters are the most popular monsters in all D&D with a look at some of the best of the lowliest.

It turns out, not only are CR 1/4 monsters the most popular in the game, they’re also one of the most populous categories, with 112 monsters spread out across the various and sundry D&D books and modules that have been released. Whether a unique monster that you’ll find in the Sunless Citadel, or a common everyday ooze ready to class up any dungeon, there’s a CR 1/4 monster for practically every occasion. Here are some of our favorites.


These fishfolk are some of the best creatures you’ll come across. For starters, they are a little tougher as far as CR 1/4 creatures go. With 18 hit points they have extra resiliency, but what really makes them work is their otherworldly, deep alien vibe.

Their Otherworldly Perception allows them to sense any creature, their flesh is slippery. and they can imagine a god into being simply by worshipping something that feels like a good idea at the time.


It is something of a rite of passage for any adventurer to come across a pile of bones, lying peacefully, only for it to animate and attack. Or if you’re going up against necromancers, they need to have tireless legions of the undead–and skeletons are a perfect way to represent this. They can be given any weapons they had in life, and will know only to fight as commanded. Skeletons are an enemy you don’t have to feel bad for smiting.


And yet, not every monster on this list need be an enemy. Indeed, the humble Pixie is a perfect companion, if you can convince them to aid you. With invisibility at will, the ability to dispel magic and fly, as well as to conjure whatever they need, Pixies are an advantageous ally. But take care not to cross them–as long as they can stay out of reach, they can be a most vexing foe.


Kobold Inventor

Is this Kobold an ally? An enemy? Whatever the case, encountering this fine specimen of Kobold ingenuity is a fantastic way to set a lighter tone. With such inventions as a scorpion on a stick and a jar full of wasps, these inventors might not have much technical mastery, but they know how to get the job done, whatever side of the PC’s they end up on.


Finally we end our list with the most popular monster on it. The goblin–a mainstay of fantasy and especially of low-level introductory D&D adventures. When you want a cunning, nimble enemy, or a cunning, nimble ally that can pull the most unexpected moves, you’ve got the perfect choice right here.

Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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