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GW Rumor Engine: Hook & Ladder

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Sep 15 2020

There is a new Rumor Engine out and it’s going to get it’s hook in you. Time to get reeled in.

Are we fishing, climbing, or going to move some ice/hay/other things that need a hook? My guess is probably something along those lines. It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for a new Rumor Engine and that means it’s time to start making your wild guesses!

via Warhammer Community

“Like a creature from the darkness blinking in the first rays of the morning sun, another image from the Rumour Engine emerges into the present. Let’s take a look.”

So we clearly have a hook that’s being used as a weapon in this instance. How do I know that? Cause it’s Warhammer related.  Someone is using a farm tool as a weapon. What’s curious to me is the hand. At first, I thought it looks similar to ones we’ve seen previously. One from a couple months back and another from last month:

But after looking at these two Rumor Engines and comparing them both, it’s hard to tell if the hands are related. A dead giveaway would be the nails. Alas, we can’t really tell from this angle. But the hand does look long and gaunt. Also, lots of armies use hooks from the Drukhari of the Grimdark to the restless undead of the Nighthaunt.


Personally, I’m leaning more toward the Nighthaunt just because their hooks look to have a similar shape. Plus, the hook also looks kinda beat-up and old. Perhaps it’s a ghostly grip on the handle and something spooky this way comes…

And what’s up with the rock that appears in the picture, too? Maybe it’s just a basing thing and the hook is attached to it for the purpose of having a cool pose. But why would the model need to be supported by that unless it had some strange, floating otherworldly pose. Oh. Right.

Floating Otherworldly pose, you say?

Eh, it’s just a guess – now it’s your turn! Got any ideas? Let us know in the comments section!

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