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GW Rumor Engine: Paw Patrol

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Sep 22 2020

The latest Rumor Engine is here and it’s putting some paw on the ground. Come see for yourself.

Is it some sort of a Ghost Bear? A Smoke Jaguar? A Jade Wolf? No, it couldn’t possibly be any of those things. All we can say for sure is that it’s a paw of some type and it’s shaped kinda funny…

via Warhammer Community

“Was the Rumour Engine created by man to show us models from the future, or did it create us so it had someone to share its secrets with? While you ponder that question, try and decipher this week’s image as well.”

Hmm. That color gradient is quite interesting. Are we looking at a biped of some type or a mount? The only bipeds with paws that I can think of off the top of my head are the Wulfen:

And they have a bit more fur on those paws. And what’s up with the stone this creature is standing on top of? That is some interesting architecture. If you can figure out what kind of faction either the paw or stone work is a part of you could really narrow this one down.


Nope – those paws are definitely different.

Maybe it’s not canine in nature. Maybe it’s feline. Are we on the cusp of some brand new race to be introduce to the game?

More of these types of models on the way perhaps?

But for now, I’m a bit at a loss with this one. That’s where you come in, internet detectives! If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know what you think in the comments!


Are we going to need to get the doggie kibble or the purrfect portions out?


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