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Warhammer 40K: Necron Crusade Rules Previews

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Sep 30 2020
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You didn’t think it was JUST the Space Marines that were getting highlighted by Games Workshop today, did you? Take a look at the Necron Crusade Rules Preview!

Here come our Robot Overlords! They are ready to launch their new crusade and they are getting some new rules to help. Let’s get ready to dive into a pool of living metal and see what these ancient bro-bots have in store.

via Warhammer Community


The Necron Codex will include four new Agendas. These are used to score some extra experience points – provided you’re able to complete them.


Also included are extra Necron specific Requisition that you can spend resources on. This is how you’ll grow your army and help guide growing your collection, too.

This one provides a new Cryptek with some experience boosts. Not too shabby for 1 RP!


Battle Traits

As your Necrons march around the galaxy, they are bound to gain some more experience. And with that comes some Battle Traits! These are what help define your force and make it truly unique and distinct with the narrative your Crusade is forming.

Dynastic Epithets

As your Crusade Warlord goes around conquering on the tabletop, they will earn different Epithets. These are great little nuggets that tell a story, but also have some in game effects, too. Every third one they gain, they also get a Dynastic ability. Here is an example of one if your Warlord takes after Trazyn the Infinite and collecting things:

Weapon Enhancements

The Necrons are also going to have a way to upgrade their weapons as time goes on. I guess these old robots can learn some new tricks – especially with their tesla and gauss weapons. Here’s a look at some Tesla upgrades:


Battle Scars

Maybe instead of Battle Scars, they should be called Battle Dents or Error Codes for the Necrons. Either way, their codex does have some Crusade Specific Necron Battle Scars included as well. Check out Mindless Reaper:

Crusade Relics

And finally, we also have Necron specific Crusade Relics because of course we do! It wouldn’t be a complete set of rules without them. Naturally, there will be many more to choose from/earn on Crusade. But for now, here’s a look at the Tachyon Field Phase Inducer:

You can bet there will be a whole lot more to chew on once their codex hits shelves. Speaking of which, it’s up for Pre-Order this weekend from GW! Aspiring Overlords, get ready to Crusade!


Here come the ‘Crons!

Author: Adam Harrison
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