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Warhammer 40K: Necron Dynasty Rules Preview

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Sep 29 2020

Did they change? Are they better or worse? Can you create your own Dynasty? Let’s find out with the new Preview from Games Workshop!

GW has unloaded a ton of Dynasty Rules for us to take a look at today. If you were wondering how they would shake things up with the Dynastic rules, we’re about to find out. We get a pretty good idea of their rules in the codex and some suggestions on how to take advantage of them as well.

via Warhammer Community

Szarekhan Dynasty


The Dynasty of the Silent King comes with quite a few nice buffs. A “save” vs Mortal Wounds is going to keep units alive when they probably shouldn’t survive. Getting to re-roll to wound can also help ensure your getting to force those saves. And while we’re not 100% sure on all the Protocols, getting to use BOTH directives is probably going to be useful.

This is an option that will repeat for other Dynasties as well as it appears each one got a specific Command Protocol they activate both directives on.

Sautekh Dynasty

This dynasty is the previous “default” Necron Dynasty (at least in terms of paint scheme). The classic Robot Overlords get a re-roll for Morale tests and an extended range for the “double tap” of their rapid fire weapons. These Necrons want to take the fight to medium range and hang out there.


And we do have an idea of what Conquering Tyrant will do when you get to pop both directives!

Mephrit Dynasty

The extra range boost for ranged weapons is a nice 3″ bump. They also get a nice AP boost when targeting units within half range as well. Both of these combine for a mean little combo for your gunlines.  Their protocol of choice is Vengeful Stars – not sure about that one, but it does sound ominous!

Novokh Dynasty

Many folks have been wondering if a Close-Combat army of Necons will be viable. Well, if you really want to give it a shot, Novokh seems like it could be a good canidate. Getting an extra 1+ to your charge roles is a going to make “getting there” more consistent. And the first round of combat also gives them +1 AP, again, useful. Hungry Void is their Command Protocol of choice.

Another +1 to AP, you say?


Nephrekh Dynasty

Do you want your Necrons to have an innate 6+ invulnerable save? How about the ability to get 6″ to their movement? Well, then the Nephrekh Dynasty is calling. These Necrons are going to be extra durable and have some movement tricks – but there is a cost to getting to translocate – they can’t shoot. And hey – we actually DO know what the Protocol of the Sudden Storm is:

These are going to be the fastest Necrons ever.

Nihilakh Dynasty

When it come to taking objectives and holding them, the Nihilakh Dynasty does it better than anyone. Every unit with this dynastic code has Objective Secured – and if they already have it, they count as one additional model! That’s going to make unseating these Necrons pretty tough. And if you though that was nice, AP -1 attacks become AP 0 if they are getting attacked in their own deployment zone. This is an interesting mechanic and provides them with some protection vs small arms fire for sure.

We’re not sure what the Command Protocol Eternal Guardian does, but we have a feeling it’s going to make them more durable or more angry when you attack them in their turf.


What if none of these appeal to you? Well, create your own Dynasty!

“One of the many cool features of the new codex is that it includes rules for creating your own Dynastic Code, so if you’ve been painting up your gleaming phalanx in your own colour scheme, you can support it with bespoke rules too! All you need to do is pick one option from the available Dynastic Traditions and one from the Circumstances of Awakening list to form your own hybrid Dynastic Code. “


Want an example of how this will work? Well, GW has you covered:

Dynastic Tradition – Immovable Phalanx

Circumstances of Awakening – Interplanetary Invaders

Boom – new Dynasty created! There are sure to be even more options in the Necron Codex which goes up for pre-order this weekend!


Which Dynasty are you going to join – or will you create your own?


Author: Adam Harrison
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