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Warhammer 40K: The Game is Rocked to Its Core – FTN

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Sep 21 2020

We see a HUGE change coming down the pike for Warhammer 40k in the form of what or who Characters can buff on the tabletop.

Hey all,

It’s always pretty exciting when we hear about sweeping changes.  The idea that Characters may be further limited in what they can extend the sweet auras we’ve come to rely on is no exception.

We talk about what this change may actually impact.  The biggest loss to me is the Daemon Prince.  I guess the DP is ‘too good’ as it stands now and maybe this is a good change?  I don’t know yet.  I know any sort of change is both fun and terrorizing if it’s happening to you.

This will be an interesting debate as we challenge what Characters we consider good going forward.  For a few I think it will be business as usual.  We don’t take things like Phobos Lts or Overlords because of what they do to themselves anyway.  I think we do rely on them to buff other Characters but from what it looks like – that is right out!

Does this help the game be more user/new player friendly?  I don’t know.  I think changes like this should be focused on that sort of outcome.  That’s a topic for another show.

After the break, we talk about how cool it would be to see more 80s action icons make their way into the Catachan line up.



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