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Age of Sigmar: Mega Gargant Mega Rules Preview

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Oct 6 2020

Did Games Workshop avoid the pitfalls of Imperial Knights with the new Mega Gargants for the Sons of Behemat? Let’s take a look at their rules to find out!

Back in April I wrote up some concerns and ideas around the Mega Gargants of the Sons of Behemat avoiding the same pitfalls that Imperial Knights stepped in. At the time, the main issues that Knights created/fell into were the following:

  • Limited Army Choice
  • Incredibly Durable Firebase
  • Long Range Alpha Strike Power

At the time, I came to the conclusion that Mega Gargants were not, in fact, Knights. And, based on the info at the time, I reasoned that the Sons of Behemat just might be able to avoid those same pitfalls. Mechanically, the games were different enough that the Mega Gargants wouldn’t be able to do the exact things that Imperial Knights did to the game overall. Could they still make an impact? Yes. But would they be considered a “problem”? No – at least not for the three reasons above.

Well, today we have gotten a first look at their rules. So was I close or was I way off? Let’s take a look and find out.

Mega Gargant Rules

So right off the bat we see the statline (stat-wheel?) of the unit. A MASSIVE 35 wounds. A movement stat that changes over as they take damage (with the Mega Gargants moving between 12″-6″ a turn depending on the Gargant and damage taken). 7 Bravery – not great but also probably not too worried about battleshock tests. And a 4+ save.

Other than the VERY impressive wound stat, it’s not *that* crazy. With toughness not being a thing and a 4+ save, those 35 wounds are a lot to chew through, but many armies can do that with some work. Basically – these things aren’t unkillable and you don’t have the barrier of a Toughness 8 target with armor and invulnerable save to beat.


But what about any general special rules? What do these big boys have to work with? Well, you can’t just use magic to slay them out right:

And there is also the fun part of when you DO drop one of them, they will drop on you:

This one is certainly a callback to previous editions when giants would fall on the battlefield and squash whatever they landed on. Good times.

From there, each of the Mega Gargants has a slightly different profile with a special rule of their own.



Starting with the Special rule – this is another callback to previous editions where giants could and would stuff random helpless infantry into their bags/pants. Truly a fate worse than death.

Stat-wise, these guys are monsters – nay, giants! From range, the Kraken-eater can hurl debris a good ways and it’s 3 shots that each do a possible D3 damage. Up close he’s got a bevy of options. All of them are fairly painful, too. If each attack set maxes out, he’s got 30 potential damage on the table in melee. That’s with some very hot dice rolling. Will that wreck a unit? It will certainly hurt!


The Special Rule allows him to quite literally pick up a model, kill it, and then possibly throw it at another enemy unit causing mortal wounds. Brutal. His Titanic Boulderclub also has a rule of its own:

But let’s assume it maxes out – that’s 10 attacks. On a really good turn in close combat thats 38 possible damage. YIKES.



The Gatebreaker’s rules are really more about changing and interacting with terrain. If you’re a garrison unit, this could sting a bit. Not 100% sure how that will work with the transports of the Kharadron Overlords…but that’s another topic.

Stat-wise, he’s got a respectable ranged attack. And in close combat, if the Gatebreaker maxes out, it’s got a potential 42 damage. That is a LOT. Gatebreaking indeed! Just remember it’s a 4+ to hit on that flail, not a 3+ like his cousins.

So…was I right about these Mega-Gargants? I do think they avoided those pitfalls from Imperial Knights. Their damage output also goes from scary to terrifying – if they manage to get all hits, wounds, and the target fails it’s armor saves. Again, I think their 35 wounds is a hurdle but it’s doable for every army in the game. Especially with a 4+ armor save. and if you can make these Mega Gargants bleed, you can kill them.

Unlike Imperial Knights, all that damage is also generated in close combat vs long range fire. Sure, they have a few good ranged attacks – but they aren’t dropped 30+ damage outside of 3″. They can absolutely wreck a unit when they get in there. But most armies should be able to swing back with enough damage to drop them down to a much more manageable level or kill them outright.

Stop taunting me with the custom fort kits you won’t sell me GW!!!

Overall I do think they will make an impact on the game. The good news is that each faction will get access to them. Will they be a necessary addition to all armies? I wouldn’t go that far… But they would be a nice change of pace.

What do you think of the new Mega Gargant Rules? Are you worried about them or are you ready to do some Giant slaying of your own?


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