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AoS: A Thundering Boom – Picking Your Mega-Gargant

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Oct 7 2020

The Mega-Gargants are coming, but how do you decide which one is right for you?

At long last, the distant rumbling of the Mega-Gargants has come closer, and the biggest boys on campus have thundered onto the battlefield. Each of the new kits is gorgeous, and their rules are going to make them almost an auto-include, regardless of what army you’re playing. They all have 7 Bravery, a 4+ save, and a whooping 35 wounds, more than any other model in the range so far! What’s more, you can’t auto-kill them thanks to the Son of Behemat special rule, and even if they do happen to die they have a chance to take some enemies down with them as they come crashing to the ground. Here’s my thoughts on the three fellas and a quick look at their rules as we’ve seen so far.


The middle of the ground choice, the Kraken-eater is the most balanced of the three options. It has a ton of gnarly attacks, and can even stuff it’s enemies in its massive fishing net for later. This allows it to pick up to d3 models within 3” after it piles in and roll a d6 for each of them. If he rolls at least twice their base wounds characteristic, they are fully slain as they are crammed into the giant’s fishing net. This guy is perfect for dispatching small units of light cavalry or heavy infantry, such as Hexwraiths or Chaos Warriors, especially since he can get around their Ethereal or Armor saves (though how he stuffs a ghost in a bag is anyone’s guess).


As the name suggests, this gargant loves to trample anything it comes up against, and is the strongest of the three gargants. Not only can it pick up its enemies and chuck the across the battlefield like living missiles, but the thrill of battle makes their massive boulderclub even more terrifying. The attacks for that weapon are equal to the number of models within 3”, or 4 for each monster, plus 2 at full strength, though to a maximum of 10. Even so, 10 attacks that can hit and wound on a 3 with 2 Rend and 2 damage a piece is a horrifying prospect, and that’s not even factoring in all his other attacks. As you can imagine, that means he likes to run into large units of squishy enemies and remove them in droves. Gitz and Clanrats be warned, this gargant is coming to ruin your day.



The speediest of the gargants, the Gatebreaker gets a 12” move at full strength, which is terrifying for a monster of his size. In addition, this guy haaaaaates the trappings of civilization, and if his enemies happen to be inside a building well, too bad for them. At the end of every combat phase, he can bring down his gigantic flail to shatter a building to rubble, changing all its special rules to Deadly and replacing it with ruins. This is definitely the gargant to take against models that love their terrain, like Seraphon or Sylvaneth, as he can turn the normally frightening Awakened Wildwood into a pile of kindling in no time.

Which gargant will you be using?


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