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AoS: Take A Look At The Age Of Sigmar RPG’s Collector Edition

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Oct 12 2020

Where there’s an RPG book,  there’s a collector’s edition waiting to followup and look better on your shelves. Take a look at the AoS collector book today!

As Soulbound, the Age of Sigmar RPG prepares for its physical release, we are getting to see more and more of what lies in store from Cubicle 7. And right now that means an all new Collectors Edition book. Which is off to the printers and ready to go. Take a look!

Alongside that, there’s all there other usual suspects, including a gorgeous map:

And a custom GM screen behind which to hide all manner of nefarious schemes.


All this will be up for pre-order soon, so get ready for leather bound adventure!

Happy Adventuring

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