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D&D: ‘The Fading Embers’ – Adventure in an Ice Age Filled with Forbidden Magic

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Oct 13 2020

Winter is nearly here, and this campaign – live on Kickstarter now – is prepared for the cold and the ice.

The Fading Embers is a new campaign from long time GM John Yackel, who loves to build detailed worlds. In this set, he takes parties on an adventure in a frigid world filled with outlawed magic.

Almost 1000 years after being thrust into a new ice age, the world of Nyth hangs on to life by a thread. Civilization exists in pockets.  Independent city-states rule portions of the most favorable latitudes, while much of the remaining lands are now frigid untamed wilds.

Map by Daniel Hasenbos

The setting makes some big changes to races and classes that you may not be used to seeing. The majority of city-states in Nyth are ruled by a noble caste who’ve intermarried with sorcerer bloodlines for centuries. With that in mind, the “dangerous and uncontrollable” practice of wizardry is a cultural taboo in those lands and outlawed and there is no pantheon of deities in the setting. Casters of divine magic essentially empower themselves while praying to Ideals, Ancestors, Concepts, and Local/Regional deities and idols. Divine Fire magic is very rare; it has somehow co-opted by a single priesthood to “The Worldhearth.”

On one side of the seas, the southern elves conquered existing lands and now rule over a caste of enslaved humans.  Across the waters, the northern elves moved in with the dwarves, creating a fantasy socialist utopia, and recently began having children dubbed “Foundlings.”

Preview page from The Fading Embers Player’s Manual

The Fading Embers Campaign Set will consist of 3 books in PDF and print form:

  • Setting Manual
  • Player’s Manual
  • Gamemaster’s Manual

The Setting Manual

  • Begins with the history of Nyth’s plunge into snow & ice.
  • Presents the setting map for reference.
  • Details the 12 remaining nations of Nyth, along with Homeland Abilities for player characters (choose 1 of 3 bonus abilities).
  • Ends with a timeline of the new frozen age.

The Player’s Manual

  • Breaks down the 25 playable Races & Subraces.  Not all races have survived, while others that did are forever changed.  Still others, like the Barbegazi and Foundlings, have never been seen before.
  • Details 24 new subclasses for the setting.  All classes are represented here, although some (like sorcerer) receive numerous new subclasses.
  • Showcases new Racial Feats for the new races & subraces, along with some available to all characters.
  • Adds new equipment for characters, (including weapons, armor, gear, & mounts), along with mechanics for new Weapon Properties & Superior Quality Equipment.
  • Discusses how Divine Magic has changed in the setting, along with the ascension of sorcerers and the existing spells added to their class list.  There are over 50+ new spells, with the spellcasting class receiving new options and updated spell lists.

Gremulka Tusksnapper, a leader in The Great Tundra.

Gamemaster’s Manual

  • Provides answers for any nagging questions for careful readers of the Setting Manual, and provides secret truths behind Nyth’s frozen age that will change the way you think about Fading Embers.
  • Contains a plethora of plot hooks and adventure ideas, as well as advice for running long-term campaigns in the setting.
  • Has optional Travel & Survival mechanics for long trips through the frozen wastes.
  • Gives new Poisons, Diseases, and Madness rules for your games.
  • Showcases 100+ new magic items!  
  • Contains a GM’s Artifact Vault with powerful items ready to be personalized to your players’ characters.
  • Has 60+ new creature profiles from 8 different categories, along with NPC profiles from the various nations.

Click Here to Download a Free Setting Primer

The whole point of this Kickstarter Campaign is to raise money to add amazing art to the story, setting, and characters. To this end, over a dozen amazing freelance artists will be featured through all 3 books of the Fading Embers Campaign Set!

The PDF and book will be fulfilled through DriveThruRPG – getting your copy will be a breeze. Here are the pledge levels:

Player’s or Gamemaster’s Digital Package – $30
You’ll get 2 books of your choice in PDF format

  • Player’s Manual & Setting Manual OR
  • Gamemaster’s Manual & Setting Manual

Complete Digital Campaign Set – $50
You’ll get all 3 books in PDF format

  • Player’s Manual
  • Gamemaster’s Manual
  • Setting Manual

Player’s or Gamemaster’s Print Package – $55
You’ll get 2 books of your choice in print and PDF format

  • Player’s Manual & Setting Manual OR
  • Gamemaster’s Manual & Setting Manual

Complete Digital Campaign Set – $80
You’ll get all 3 books in print and PDF format

  • Player’s Manual
  • Gamemaster’s Manual
  • Setting Manual

Limited Boxed Set – $120
You’ll get all 3 books in print and PDF format


Click Here to Get Your Copy on Kickstarter!

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