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GW Rumor Engine: Sawed Off Spears

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Oct 27 2020

Wouldn’t that be a sword? We’re not sure – but whatever it is, there is a new Rumor Engine!

It’s Tuesday which means it’s Rumor Engine time. This latest one from Games Workshop looks like one toothy situation.

via Warhammer Community

“Augury, scrying, fargazing… call it what you want. Ever has Mankind sought to gain an understanding of the future. The Rumour Engine isn’t magic, per se, but it might as well be. Take a look at the latest image and see if you can discern the truth. “

This is very clearly a weapon of some type. Possibly a spear or a harpoon. But the fact that it’s got those saw-like teeth means it’s meant to poke a hole and get stuck in there. It’s certainly a cruel looking barbed weapon.

“Hey we could have scavenged it!”

So now the question is who would wield such a weapon? Could it be from either AoS or 40k? I’d go ahead and eliminate the Xenos Races from 40k – it’s not organic enough to be Tyranids, it’s not elegant enough to be Aeldari, it’s not high-tech enough to be either T’au or Necron, and it’s not chunky enough to be Orky.


I’d probably eliminate most of 40k on closer inspection. It could be a Chaos Weapon of some type but I’m leaning more towards AoS at this point.

“Didn’t come from our Armoury. Call another Forge World.”

Could it be from Death, Destruction, or Order, too? I think there are sub-factions within each you could make a case for. It could be some type of Harpoon the Kharadron Overlords could use. It could be a weapon dredged up from beyond the grave (although probably not a Ossiarch one).

It could be Ogor or Orruk – although it doesn’t seem to be beefy enough…And as for Chaos? Possibly Skaveny or Chaos Cultish?

“When was the last time we got a new model?”


I’m at a loss on this one folks. So I’m kicking it over to you! If you’ve got theories we want to see them in the comments.


Is it a spear? Harpoon? Saw-tooth Shark!? Let us know what you think.

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