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Necromunda: The (Rogue) Doctor Is IN

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Oct 13 2020

Come check out the new rules for one of the Underhive’s newest and most wanted criminals: Rogue Doc Arachnos. Add him to your gang!

There’s a new Rogue Doc in the underhive, and he looks ready to fix things up with all manner of totally legit, one-hundred percent safe medical procedures. Come and check out Dr. Arachnos, which is definitely the name you want to hear when you’re brought in for illicit street surgery.

As if it’s not bad enough that we have to put up with the increase in Orlock activity around here, we’re hearing about a new Rogue Doc in the underhive. Doctor Arachnos has been seen working out of Dust Falls, but the locals don’t know much about him – they say he just showed up one day. What they do know is that he’ll fix anyone up… for the right price.

Usually, we don’t worry about these kinds of characters, but this one seems to actually enjoy going out and doing his work in the field. He likes to do this so that he can personally pick up specimens for his experiments, and patients have been seen walking out of his “surgery” – if you can give it such a grand name – with all sorts of weird “upgrades”. He does most of these operations with his mechadendrites, but be wary of them – they’re not just for patching up fighters.

We’ve got the full case file here. Make sure that you take a good look so you know exactly what you’ll be facing.

And Dr. Arachnos, as a hanger-on, provides a lot of benefits.

For one, he’s got a pretty decent statline, but what you really want out of him are the Medical Mechadendrites:


Doctor Arachnos’ medical mechadendrites allow him to turn any location into an impromptu operating theatre. During the Recovery phase, if Doctor Arachnos is within 3″ of a Seriously Injured friendly fighter, instead of making a Recovery check for the fighter, you can make an Intelligence check for Doctor Arachnos. If the check is successful, the fighter immediately recovers from their Serious Injury just as if they had rolled a Flesh Wound on the Injury dice. If the check is failed, the fighter goes Out of Action instead. Doctor Arachnos can only aid one fighter in this way each round.

These will let you save  a fighter with a Serious Injury, most of the time, which can be invaluable. And, as he’s a Part of the Crew, you can treat Doc Arachnos as a regular Ganger instead of a Hanger-on. Which means you’ll always have him available to you.

Check out Dr. Arachnos’ Full Rules

Happy Adventuring!

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