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The Seventies Were A Wild Time For RPGs – Prime

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Oct 21 2020

Roleplaying games might have begun in the 70s, but they almost died there, too. Join us as we look back at the wild times that were RPGs in the 70s.

Throughout the decades, roleplaying games have been through more ups and downs than a rollercoaster tycoon track. Companies have risen and fallen into obscurity; new games have launched in their wake and gone on to found genres all their own. Through it all, D&D casts its long shadow, wide enough to encompass two different companies (TSR and WotC), as well as helping to define the very industry. But the story almost ends as soon as it begins. The 70s were a wild time for RPGs. And today, we're going to take a look back at the beginnings of the industry.

It all starts with TSR. Before 1974, there was no Roleplaying Industry--arguably, there were no roleplaying games. Now, to be fair, it all depends on what lens you use to define a roleplaying game. After all, historical re-enactment could be considered roleplaying, or improvisational theatre, which features both roles and games, could fit the bill. But that's only if you want to take the Jedi view, which is to say, 'skate by on lies and technicalities.' RPGs, the way w...

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