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Warhammer 40K: Character Upgrades Get A Rework

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Oct 1 2020
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The new Space Marine and Necron Codexes are getting a new way to upgrade your characters – come take a look at the new system now!

Games Workshop has a new way to upgrade characters for both the Space Marines and the Necrons in their upcoming codexes. This system looks similar to the ones we got in Psychic Awakening and some of the other supplemental codexes but with a new chart and points/power level cost associated with them.

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Space Marines

You might recognize these from the previous version. What’s new is that the points are now all updated, consolidated and included inside the new codex. You no longer have to spend Command Points to nominate a Character to get these upgrades now. But did they functionally change? It kind of depends on the character upgrade.

Chapter Champions get three abilities when you pay to upgrade them. All of them make them much deadly duelists. While they might not be Primarch-Level characters, they are still going to be more than capable of taking on most other armies characters and making them work for it!

“Each Master of the Chapter also has access to a Warlord Trait and Relic that are exclusive to their rank. If, for example, you like fielding Dreadnoughts in large numbers, never leave your home world without a Master of the Forge to lead them – not only is he skilled at patching up any damage, his Warlord Trait makes them even more devastating in his presence.”


Crusade Rules

Naturally, GW is also including some rules that take advantage of these character upgrades in Crusade. The new Chapter Command Requisition allows for you to promote a Crusade Character to the Chapter Command and get those benefits!



The Necrons are also getting some new powerful items of Arkana that will allow your Crypteks to basically get upgrades. We don’t know what all these will do, but it’s another way that GW is allow you to customize your forces. Also, this seems like a return to the days when Wargear upgrades/relics did cost points. We’re going to have to see what these rules do before we know for sure.

The Rule of One

One final note – “a Chapter can only have one of each Master of the Chapter.” It’s kind of in the name already but that does mean that you can’t have more that one Master of the Chapter running around. For example if you wanted to run Marneus Calgar you can’t have another Chapter Master of the Ultramarines in your list, too. However, if you wanted to just wanted to run a different Chapter Master and not have Calgar in your list, you can do that.

“There can be only one. Unless I’m not around. Then it’s cool.”

Both codexes and all these changes are going up for Pre-order this weekend! Who’s ready to do some list building?


Author: Adam Harrison
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