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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine & Necron CORE Units

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Oct 5 2020
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We’ve all been waiting, and here’s the list of exactly which Marine and Necrons units gain the CORE keyword.

Space Marines CORE Units

  • Intercessor Squad
  • Assault Intercessor Squad
  • Heavy Intercessor Squad
  • Infiltrator Squad
  • Incursor Squad
  • Tactical Squad
  • Scout Squad
  • Veteran Intercessor Squad
  • Bladeguard Veteran Squad
  • Company Veterans
  • Vanguard Veterans
  • Sternguard Veterans
  • Reiver Squad
  • Aggressor Squad
  • Terminator Assault Squad
  • Terminator Squad
  • Relic Terminator Squad
  • Dreadnought
  • Contemptor Dreadnought
  • Venerable Dreadnought
  • Ironclad Dreadnought
  • Redemptor Dreadnought
  • Assault Squad
  • Outrider Squad
  • Bike Squad
  • Scout Bike Squad
  • Attack Bike Squad
  • Suppressor Squad
  • Inceptor Squad
  • Hellblaster Squad
  • Eliminator Squad
  • Eradicator Squad
  • Devastator Squad


There are a lot of units here, but it’s understandable due to the sheer size of the Marine range. We see that the vast majority of these are infantry units, but not all. The Dreadnoughts are all CORE, but not the Invictor Warsuit. We see some bikers in here as well. A big surprise was seeing Centurions get the cold shoulder, while other heavy armed or armored infantry such as Terminators, and Devastators are CORE. As expected, no HQs, support characters, or vehicles are CORE units.

Necrons CORE Units

  • Necron Warriors
  • Immortals
  • Lychguard
  • Deathmarks
  • Tomb Blades


Quite a smaller list here for the Necrons, but there is some variety. Some interesting choices such as including Lychguard, bur excluding Triarch Preatorians. Deathmarks and Tomb Blades give some variety to CORE, but overall, no characters, HQs, vehicles, and Caonoptic constructs at all.


We’ll dive into exactly what GW has in mind for all these CORE units in a bit.



Author: Larry Vela
  • Warhammer 40K: The Once And Future Ruler Of Comorragh