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Warhammer 40k: The Tomb Worlds are Breaking Open – FTN

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Oct 12 2020

This is the most compelling the Necrons have ever been. Tons more options, tons more flavor, but is it good?

Hey everyone,

I know there is a ton of Marine coverage out there and we will certainly get to those but we couldn’t resist going right for the Necrons to see if they have what it takes to become the new super bad faction in the Warhammer Universe.

The Necrons absolutely have some heavy hitters with the Nightbringer being a superstar.  Super Star God that is…  See what I did?  This guy has all the rules you need to get a ton of play out of this dude and if you’re a long time collector and have him on your shelf already then you will be incredibly happy.

Necron Warriors will make a serious come back as well.  There are some fairly subtle new faction traits that help the warriors control the momentum of the game with some really relevant shooting. Death by 1000 cuts is what the Warriors will excel at.  You’ll never regret taking these as long as you master their movement tricks.

The Necrons may suffer from not enough units having the Core keyword.  We don’t talk about this on the show but I want to put it out there as a warning.  When you’re building your lists make sure the synergies are not overly reliant on you needing this.

After the break, we kick off our Orktober coverage.  We talk about taking Battle Wagons and Trukks to keep yourself alive in this deadly edition.  Next week we’re going to focus on obscure Ork lore.  Weird… I know… it’s time to get Narrative.


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