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Warhammer 40K: Unboxing Necron’s Second Wave

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Oct 13 2020
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Warriors, Destroyers and Hexmarks, Oh my! It’s the Second Wave for the Necrons and we’re taking a look at their sprues!

We’re not counting the Indomitus Box as a “Wave” as that was really the launch of the edition. The First Wave of Necrons was last week. And today, we got our hands on the next wave, new boxes for the Necrons. This of course begged the question: Are they the same as the Indomitus Box? The answer is yes:

Reinforcements Have Arrived

The only “new” kit out of this batch is the Hexmark – we’ll cover that further down. What I wanted to tackle first are the two existing kits: The Skorpekh Destroyers and the Necron Warriors. When we opened up the Imdomitus Boxed set, we got a look at the sprues and wondered if these would be the same production sprues for the inevitable release of their unit kits. We were pretty confident that the Warrior Sprues would just get reboxed and sold as stand alone kits because those sprues looked like they would translate well. The Skorpekh Destroyers were another matter.

The Necron Warrior Sprues

We wondered if the Push-fit Destroyers would get a re-tooled kit or not. Well, we were able to answer that question for sure – it’s the same spure from the Indomitus box. So yes, the Skorpekh Destroyers are indeed Push-fit models. Although, that’s not a bad thing as it makes them really hard to build incorrectly. It does limit your build options…but at the same time it does kind of fit the whole “Necrons are uniform murderbots that want to terminate all life” motif pretty well. And it’s not like GW making Push-fit models is new or anything. They look good and now you can fill out your army with either of these units – and that’s a good thing!

Hexmarks At High Noon

There’s a new gunslinger in town and it’s packing Six-Shooters. No, not a revolver – but six actual shooters (and subsequently six arms, too). The Hexmark Destroyer is another fun looking kit. It’s less of a pain to build than some of the other more spindly options of the Necrons. I’m not 100% sold on it’s combat effectiveness, but I do like the image it conjures up of a wild west gunfight IN SPAAACE!!!


This is another one of those plastic kits that looks kind of intimidating but is actually idiot proof to build. Just make sure your pegs line-up and let the wires “set” before you move on to the next part. Plus, there is enough give that you can make things fit if you’re off just a touch.

If you’re looking for a gunslinger for your Necrons you can’t really go wrong with this model. Now if only they made cowboy hats for Necron heads…


All of these models are up for Pre-Order now from Games Workshop and will be in stores this weekend!


Author: Adam Harrison
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