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Age of Sigmar: Deities & Jailbreaks – Morathi Plot Shockers

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Nov 9 2020

Broken Realms Morathi has 70 pages of twisting narrative. These are the biggest shockers for the Mortal Realms.

Ok before we get started… SPOILERS!



OK, you have been warned. Broken Realms is a tale of the pursuit of Godhood. Morathi is never satisfied and she’s as twisted, deadly, and untrustworthy as a … well serpent.  The very, very short version of the plot is: she grabs some magic items, jumps into a god, chases immortality, gets what she wants in the worst possible way, and causes some REALLY REALLY bad collateral damage.

So pretty much a classic greek legend, transposed into the Warhammer world.  Now let’s break this down a little and go over the big reveals shock by shocker.

Archaon Has Been Mining

Underneath the Allpoints Archaon has found a large vein of Varanite. This is pretty much warpstone amped up a thousand times, the solid form of the very stuff of Chaos – and it taints anything it touches. He mines a huge amount of it to attempt to corrupt the Realmgate to Azyr and bust on in there. Unfortunately for him, Morathi has shadow spies everywhere and decides to steal it for herself, erm…team up with Sigmar to remove it from Archaon’s reach. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Pictured: Sigmar trusting Morathi



So About This Lantern

Morathi also hires pirates to locate the Ocarion Lantern. What the heck is that you ask? Well, this lost artifact was crafted by Teclis and its celestial light attracts… souls! This is what the Aelves used to pull the souls out of Slaanesh when they imprisoned him. Cool huh! The only problem is after Teclis decided the Idoneth Deepkin were a mistake and tried to destroy them, they stole the Lantern and hid it under the sea, so they could never be found.  So of course Morathi’s Dark Aelves find it, and her minions pull a deep-sea heist to get it.

All Your Varanite is In My Cauldron

As you would expect, Morathi and a strike team of Sigmar’s greatest hit Archaon’s mines and battle off the defenders, to heroically buy time for the Varanite to be destroyed.  Oh I’m sorry, that was just an illusion for the Stormcast rubes. Morathi actually pours all the Varanite into her ever-present Cauldrons and teleports it all to her DoK HQ of Hagg Nar.  She then ditches the Stormcasts mid-battle to return home to start her ritual. So long suckers!

Into the Belly of the Beast

The Ritual is on! By this time Idoneth Deepkin and Slaaneshi armies are moving on Haag Nar as they know something is up. Morathi grabs the Lantern, sacrifices a bunch of chaos prisoners, and hops into her mother-cauldron full of Varanite which forms a psychic link into… THE BELLY OF SLAANESH! Once inside she starts locating the most powerful Aelf souls with regal blood still there. These are almost certainly the souls of the Old Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Kings. She devours them one by one, gorging on their power to achieve godhood. Until she meets the greatest of them – who she once loved. This is almost certainly the soul of the first Phoenix King Aenarion who she was married to. While she delays, feeling a pang of … maybe guilt, HE CUTS HER IN HALF and severs the link to Haag Nar.

The Afterbirth

Out is ejected Morathi back into her throne room, potent, but she is forever torn into two physical vessels who share a single soul. Both her beautiful form and the enormous snake-monster form. Oh, and I almost forgot, the Idoneth are there and King Volturnos smashes her mother-cauldron. Fireworks and explosions ensue, the Slaaneshi army bolts, and Morathi rises to her feet. Godhood complete!

Anvilgard is Mine!

The final chapter has Morathi move on Anvilgard, the home of the Dark Elves Corsair Fleets. She’s got to get that old WFB Dark Elf Armybook back together after all, so she attacks via her hidden sects and followers who have run the city all along. A bunch of pissed off Stormcasts defend the city, but it’s too little, too late and Morathi takes the city, establishing a foothold in another realm.

Jailbreak Complete

Oh, remember up there when all the fireworks happened and Morathi was hurled back from the belly of Slaanesh.  Yeah, it turns out something ELSE came back through the portal with her. A Newborn Slaanesh got out, flew to a distant land, and found a safe place to rest and regrow. It’s armies locate it and protect the child as it begins to “speak its first profane words”.


I’m sure Morathi couldn’t care less.


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