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Age of Sigmar: Shadow & Pain – Warscrolls Update

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Nov 9 2020

The new Shadow and Pain Boxed set has quite a few updates to the Warscrolls of the units within. Come take a look at the revamped Warscrolls.

We took a look inside the boxed set for Shadow & Pain and showed off the new heroes. Over the weekend we were continuing to poke around at the Games Workshop website and were waiting to see if they would update the Warscroll cards for the units inside. They have yet to do that as of the time of publishing this post. So, we figured we’d share the old ones compared to the ones inside the Shadow & Pain box.

Hedonites of Slaanesh

We’re only going to show the ones that changed:

The Hellstriders with Claw-Spears traded in their Soul Hunters for Piercing Strikes. Now, if they have charged, they get to add 1 to the Damage characteristic of their Claw-spears.

The Hellstriders with Hellscourges also swapped out Soul Hunters for Hooked Tendrils. Now, when they charge, they cause enemies to subtract 1 from to hit rolls for attacks that target them.


There currently is not a Hellflayer on the GW website. So this is a poor comparison but it’s the same kit…So, we’re just making note of that here. Also, strangely enough, on the GW listing for the Shadow & Pain box, it’s listed as a Skeer Chariot of Slaanesh:

This is also were we’re accessing the PDFs pictured above.

Daughters of Khaine

The Blood Sisters got a major tweak to their Crystal Touch ability. For one, it’s no longer an attack – so you don’t get to buff it with things that increase their attacks any more. On top of that, it triggers at the end of the combat phase. Those are technically nerfs. However, it changed one key thing with the attacks – you now get to roll a die for each remaining model in the Blood Sisters unit as long as there is one enemy unit within 1″ of the unit. If you have 10 Blood Sisters in the unit, but only 1 of them is within range, then you get to roll 10 dice now. Also, it activates on a 3+ vs a 4+. So there is that.


Blood Stalkers – the other Melusai option, gained an shot with their Heartseeker Bows. That now gives them twice as many shots and chances to generate those mortal wounds on an unmodified 6.

The Heartrenders didn’t change too much. The Shryke get’s an extra attack instead of +1 to hit. The wording for their abilities changed around but they functionally still do the same things.

We’re sure that Games Workshop is going to update these warscrolls on the website at some point. They will need to once the box hits retail stores or it will cause some confusion in terms of which units are the “legal” version and it could cause some issues with point-balance, too.


Shadow & Pain is up for Pre-order now.


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