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D&D: Eberron Confidential Explores Intrigue In Eberron

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Nov 12 2020

Eberron has always been a game of secrets, plots, and intrigue. The newest book by creator, Keith Baker, delves into making secrets a part of your game!

Come delve into a realm of intrigue and secrets, where adventure and danger lurk in every alley. Where the strange beings that dwell in the depths of the mind take hold and scheme to release ancient monsters. A good secret means a deep connection to the world–after all you have to know something about the world in order to keep it to yourself. And that’s exactly what Eberron Confidential looks to explore.

This new book looks at what you can do with secrets–and it ties them to mechanical benefits. Your secret might give you a proficiency, even as it helps explore who your character truly is. This is a GM’s dream when it comes to looking for ways to better build-in backstory details. These are some fantastic guidelines for playing up the noire influences in Eberron.

You’ll also find some excellent advice about when to reveal secrets, and when to make them take a slower pace. Eberron Confidential has all your intrigue needs, and it’s from the creator of Eberron’s own mouth (well, keyboard), so be sure to check it out today.

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Eberron Confidential – $4.95

Everyone’s hiding something! What’s a secret you’ve never shared? Are you hiding an aberrant dragonmark? Were you kicked out of Arcanix? Were you actually raised by gnolls? Or are you [REDACTED]?

In Eberron Confidential, setting creator Keith Bakerpresents a host of secrets for DMs and players to enjoy. Each secret provides a unique connection to the world of Eberron, an intriguing story hook for the DM to explore, a minor mechanical benefit, and unlimited roleplay potential.

Eberron Confidential includes the following…
  • 54 character secrets, ready to be printed out and distributed as player handouts.
  • Tips for Dungeon Masters to integrate each secret into a campaign.
  • Options for introducing secrets to your players, whether at character creation or during an ongoing campaign.
  • Ideas for using rumors to add drama to party dynamics.
  • Tables for quickly generating NPC secrets whenever you need them.

Happy Adventuring!

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