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D&D: Help Shape The Future Of Dungeons And Dragons With A Quick Survey

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Nov 17 2020

Wizards of the Coast is once again asking for your opinions about Dungeons & Dragons. A new milestone survey is here and they want to know how you play.

With three new setting books in the works, pulled from classic D&D canon, Wizards of the Coast is looking for your feedback to help shape the future of the game. The latest, a “player survey” focused around what players want out of the game, takes about twenty five minutes and it pulls in a variety of questions. You’ll answer everything from questions about your favorite setting, to what race/classes you like, to what matters to you when playing the game.

Now all of this seems like basic info. It’s a marketing survey, for sure, but it’s one of the ways that WotC takes the temperature of the playerbase. As Ryan Dancey, one of the folks behind the OGL put it, right around the end of TSR and the beginning of WotC:

In all my research into TSR’s business, across all the ledgers, notebooks, computer files, and other sources of data, there was one thing I never found — one gaping hole in the mass of data we had available.

No customer profiling information. No feedback. No surveys. No ‘voice of the customer.’ TSR, it seems, knew nothing about the people who kept it alive. he management of the company made decisions based on instinct and gut feelings; not data. They didn’t know how to listen – as an institution, listening to customers was considered something that other companies had to do – TSR led, everyone else followed.

I know now what killed TSR. It wasn’t trading card games. It wasn’t Dragon Dice. It wasn’t the success of other companies. It was a near total inability to listen to its customers, hear what they were saying, and make changes to make those customers happy. TSR died because it was deaf.

So if you want a hand in what comes next, take a few minutes and give your answers. This one seems especially character focused–so it’s likely that whatever you say will go into the next Xanathar/Tasha style book.

via Wizards of the Coast


What are the things that make you play D&D? Maybe it’s the open world, the opportunities to optimize or customize your character, the ability to tell a shared story with friends, the iconic art, or maybe all of the above! Take our survey and help shape the future of what we’re working on at Wizards!

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