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GW Rumor Engine: Tuning In

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Nov 17 2020

This isn’t a regular antenna. It’s probably not even an antenna at all. The latest Rumor Engine has us poking in the dark for answers.

It’s Tuesday which means there is a mysterious new Rumor Engine for us to ponder once again. And this one sure looks a crude poking instrument. Or a really messed-up tuning fork.

via Warhammer Community

“Dare you look upon this maddening vision of the future? For those with the courage to gaze upon it, and the wit to bend it to their will, a glimpse of what will come to pass can be gleaned…”

So what the heck are we looking at? Honestly, I’m pretty lost on this one but I am wondering if this is somehow related to the Rumor Engine from earlier this month:

The chunky, crude metal look certainly fits. If they are related I think they are probably going to be used by something in the Death or Destruction family. Orruks, Trolls, Goblins, and even Ogors are on the table. Ogors are probably an even better guess considering their weapons:


Chunks of crude metal? Check. Rough hewn wood? Check. Questionable sanitation methods? Double check! I’m pretty sure they enjoy the taste of tetanus.



Again, it could be many different factions but it’s the crude metalworking, wood and nails that have me tunneling on Destruction factions. I could very easily see this as a weapon used by goblins to corral squigs – or poke their enemies.


Could we even be looking at something from the Grimdark side of the coin? That’s a possibility as well. Who uses scrap weapons and makeshift pitch-folks though?


I’d suggest Cawdor Gangers, but wood is probably more valuable than metal on Necromunda on account of the lack of trees on planet. But maybe the Rumor Engine from today doesn’t have a wooden shaft and it’s actually piping?

That does kind of fit with the Cawdor aesthetic, too. Anyhow, I’m turning this one back over to you folks. What do you think this current Rumor Engine is hinting at? We want to know just as much as you! Drop us a line in the comments and give us your theories – that’s part of the fun of Tuesday Rumor Engines.


More Mawtribes on the way? Something else? Internet Detectives – you’re on the case!

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