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RPG: Pathfinder Comes To Savage Worlds

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Nov 28 2020

Pathfinder Adventure Paths, but with Savage World’s rules? Sounds like the greatest crossover since the Flintstones met the Jetsons.

Savage Worlds is a system for thrilling,, flexible adventure–it can support everything from swashbuckling heroes to fantasy adventures, to two-fisted action heroes armed with power armor and lasers. It’s one of a few universal systems that’s held out through the test of time. Recently, Savage Worlds has played hosts to Rifts…

…but now, another popular RPG will be finding a new home in the Savage Worlds: Pathfinder. Announced just yesterday, Pinnacle Entertainment Group revealed that their newest book, coming in January, is set to explore the familiar paths of Golarion.

via Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Today, Pinnacle Entertainment Group is INCREDIBLY thankful to our good friends at Paizo for letting us play in their amazing world of Golarion, setting of the phenomenally successful Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Following the incredible reception we had with Kevin Siembieda’s phenomenal world of Rifts®, we’re bringing Pathfinder’s fantastic Adventure Paths to the Savage Worlds™ system, starting with the best-selling Rise of the Runelords™! 

The Kickstarter begins mid-January, 2021, and will feature the Savage Pathfinder core rules, a boxed set with all the usual Savage Worlds accessories, AND the Rise of the Runelords boxed set with all six books of the Adventure Path and other deluxe accessories!


Tune in to Pinnacle’s social media for more information between now and the Kickstarter! #SavagePathfinder #WorldsCollide

Be sure and look for this amazing crossover come January!

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