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Warhammer 40K: Meet The Death Company Intercessors

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Nov 28 2020

Death Company Intercessors get HOW MANY attacks per model? Let’s run the numbers to find out.

So we got our hands on the new Blood Angels Codex and we all are excited about the idea of Death Company Intercessors thanks to their new box to match. But after a quick rundown of the unit, we quickly realized how bonkers the Death Company could be. If you need to activate a blender, the Death Company are the ones to call. Let’s break this down.

Death Company Intercessors Datasheet

These are Primaris Marines so we’re already starting with the better stats, specifically the base attack of 3. And, naturally, everyone was wondering if the Death Company Intercessors could swap out their bolt rifles for something a bit more up close and personal. Like an Astartes Chainsword. And yes. Yes they can. So already we’re up to 4 attacks. Now, let’s not forget they are Angels of Death and have all those rules, too. Including Shock Assault.

And just like that we’re up to 5 (assuming it’s the first round of combat and they get in there). And because we’re all playing the hypothetical game, let’s just assume it’s also the round when Assault Doctrine is up, because it’s Marines, right?!


Now those Astartes Chainswords are AP -2. Sweet. Along with the Heavy Bolt Pistols (but we’re not going to factor those in anyhow. At this point, we’re up to 5 attacks with each model having an AP -2. For most units, that’s already pretty darn scary. But these are Blood Angels and they get their special rules, too. Like Savage Echoes:


Oh hey, look at that – another attack! That puts them at 6…and Death Company are also known for something else that pretty specific:

Yep. Black Rage adds yet another attack (on top of other fun stuff). And just like that, we’re at 7 attacks with the Primaris Death Company. Yeah, that seems pretty solid! And I’m sure there is more with the Red Thirst and other stratagems. Watch out for the Death Company…


Anyhow, if you do manage to get a full unit of 10 into close combat, that’s 70 attacks at Strength 4, AP -2. That’s before we start looking up auras, traits, or other stratagems you can pop-off on these as well. But, with that many attacks, I’m not sure it’s going to matter. It’s not exactly a cheap unit to field and that’s probably okay. They are still “just” Primaris Marines with 2 wounds and a 6+ FNP thanks to Black Rage. But if you toss them in a transport, roll them up, dump them out, and then let them go to work…I don’t think that’s a bad plan.


There are more things going on between the covers in the Blood Angels book. We’ll be taking more of a look starting Monday. It’s gonna be good…



What do you think of the Death Company Intercessors? What else did we forget to toss in the blender? Let us know in the comments!

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